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Why don't all people listen to real music?

There are some many people who listen to like The Beatles and Bob Dylan and its like... why? those bands sucked and they were like 20 years ago. Its just stupid old people music that isnt even really music. Why dont people listen to real music like lil Wayne Drake and Ke$ha


Party Rock is probably the greatest song ever written

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    WHAT?! This was a joke right. You must be very young. How can you even compare The Beatles and Bob Dylan to Kesha? Those artists had real music compared to the artists you mentioned. Kesha really?

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    I agree with Jeanette. The new stuff today has no imagination.

    No one raps (aka talks/discusses) about the real pressing matters of today, which is what rapping was originally for. All they do is say how they have more money than you, and how the can have sex with any woman they choose. In the old rapping, even if they weren't going the sing one note in the entire thing, they AT LEAST had real instruments playing behind them, and real singers, not something they got off a sound effect website, and one beat that, for some reason, travels from one song artist (if that's what you really NEED to call them...) to the next. Granted, there are a few, (SLIM to none, to non-existent) that actually TRY (sometimes) to make good music, but for the most part, it's crud.

    As for the rest, it doesn't matter about the lyrics now. People listen to the music, which isn't much, and think it's the most awesome stuff they've ever heard, while in the meantime they compare their crappy stuff to the equally not-as-awesome 40's songs, which, for what I've heard, all sounded the same. "Old School", a term normally understood to be impacting, emotional, and influential music, is now meant as "crappy" by the minds of pleasure-seeking, hedonistic, rage-the-head-off-your-neck teenagers. Get out of that! Focus on the 70's, like Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Tower of Power, Average White Band, and the like. Focus on the 90's rappers, that actually had more to say than just how many pounds of gold jewelry they're planning on wearing around their overly-tattooed neck. You'll find that their lyrics AND music COMBINED (no wait, that would be too much power for this new stuff) would kick today's music in the butt!

    P.S. I'm not a day over 20

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    so which you're asserting that The Beatles isn't genuine music? So is AC/DC, Eminem, The Flobots, Wiz Khalifa, MGMT, Mac Miller, 50 Cent, Mos Def, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Muse, N*E*R*D*, Neon wood, Kanye West, Mike Posner, Nas, and virtually each and each artist that doesn't play swing and jazz is seen to play non-genuine music? And this comes from the fool "The Boy who loves Justin Beiber". Justin Beiber isn't even swing or jazz. Idiots such as you're able to kill themselves for the way stupid they're and retarded questions they ask. and don't be correcting human beings's grammar fantastically whilst your first sentence is grammatically incorrect. "What the is this Rock & Roll?" You sir, are an entire retard. i'm extraordinarily effective no you may play "jungle drums" as you positioned it. i % to work out you play the drums and actually make it sound sturdy.

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    Please don't compare Boby Dylan to The Beatles :P Bob Dylan sucks!!

    And actually, I like a wide range of music:) Anything from The Beatles to Katy Perry to Guns n Roses to Taylor Swift to Green Day to Carrie Underwood to Kesha to Eminem and evennnn Fleetwood Mac lol

    I've never hear of "real music" before but I've also never seen a question like this either. It's always the other way around..


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    Because music back then was real and most artists today are untalented and depend on machines to do their music like cRAP, pop, and stupid kid artists. Music is awful in these times for example: Lady Gaga (sings about stupid stuff and sex), Most Rap artists (who sing about materialism, drugs, and sex), Justin Bieber (need i say more), Disney channel actresses becoming singers (awful). So yeah music was way better back then and lyrics were more meaningful.

    Btw The Beatles rocked

    I don't see any of today's "artists" influencing music like they did. So go do research before talking BS

    Source(s): Most "music" today is garbage, not music
  • I actually like bob Dylan and the beatles are alright but all the singers u named in myopinion suck but whatever

    btw I'm only 16

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    9 years ago

    I really hope you're not for real!

    You're comparing people who could actually write, play and sing their own music with those talentless hacks. They have to rely on Auto Tune and the mindless drone mentality of teenagers to become famous.

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    9 years ago

    Are you Kidding Me? I Hope you are not serious? im 14 and Listen to psychedelic rock and 90s rock Kesha and them suck They cant even write a song! They Have as much Talent as Jim Morrisons Left Nut!

    Source(s): I hope youre just Trollin and music never ages:)
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    Old people have horrible taste in music :l

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    9 years ago

    Ur kidding right?

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