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Bruce asked in Business & FinanceInvesting · 10 years ago

stock quote help please?

I've been looking at stocks latley from different companies I need a specific stock quote (for the company PetSmart) I use nasdaq to check rates but I forgot to do it yesterday and the site allways changes their website every day so I cant find the quote from yesterday (june 9h 2011) only from today the 10th if anyone can get yesterdays info this is todays 10ths info I need from the 9th (

PETM: Stock Quote & Summary Data

$ 43.60 0.28 0.64%

Jun. 10, 2011


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    10 years ago
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    June 9 2011 - PETM opened @ 43.12, High 44.08, Low 43, close 43.88, volume 769,200

    In the future go to Yahoo finance put in the stock symbol (PETM) to get the current info, then to the left there is a column that will say "more info on PETM". Under quotes click on "Historical Prices" you will be asked for.. put in the date and hit enter. It's that simple.

    -Good luck.

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    4 years ago

    Petm Stock Quote

  • 10 years ago

    Just check on Yahoo finance. They will give you a weekly, monthly and even yearly breakdown of the stocks history.

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