How Can I avoid Leg Veins?

Hello :D

Recently I've had this cold/hot sensation in a small spot on my leg (for a week), I asked my Ma what could it be? And she said that maybe a vein is gonna pop out

"sigh" I really don't want that to happen is there anything I could do in Advance?

She knows because she has a vein

Thank You


I'm not old??? I don't see a vein either... Im just worried

I've also been doing some exercise, could it be that?

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  • momof1
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    9 years ago
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    Those veins she is speaking of are called varicose veins and if you want to avoid them you need ted hose. If you stand for long periods of time, you can use these hose to support your legs. You an buy them at the store and they are really tight panty hose but they only come in white. You will be uncomfortable in the summer and unfortunately, if you do not wear pants it will not work because they are not a fashion statement by any means. Ted hose are worn by nurses that stand for long periods of time and are also recommended for diabetics and persons with vascular problems. They are also prescribed for people who have varicose veins removed to wear after the procedure. You can find them at a medical supply store. Vitamin K lotion is also good for this if you are not able to wear the hose. Vitamin K is for varicose veins and you can find it at Walgreen's.

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  • 9 years ago

    Pull a 'Benjamin Button' and get young again i suppose... preventing aging is useless and you can try different products but from experience the only thing that does is waste the cash you could be saving up for a nice vacation ya know?

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