Is English teaching a good field to go into?

I know I would want to be an English teacher licensed to teach 7th-12th grade. lol. But working with adults at places like McDowell Adult Education Center would be awesome too. lol. So, I guess my first question is, would finding a teaching job be easier since it would not be elementary education, and, how long would it take me to go back to school to become a licensed english teacher for adults if I first started out as a Secondary teacher? Thanks ^_^

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  • 9 years ago
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    I believe you would need at least a master's degree if you wanted to teach junior college or serve as a supplementary instructor at a university. The master's degree generally takes two years to earn after receiving the Bachelor's. Now, though, as far as the job market, I'm not sure how much demand there is for adult English teachers. Also, realize that it might be easier to find a job as an English teacher for adults with a Ph.D. The Ph.D. takes twice as long to earn as the master's degree, and that's assuming you are taking classes full time.

    As for 6-12/ 7-12, though, don't do it. The market for teachers is suffering right now, and teachers' rights have been stripped to the bare bone. Even graduates from prestigious colleges like Teacher's College are having trouble finding jobs right now. Educators just aren't in high demand with all of these budget cuts. If you do go into teaching, put yourself in the place of the actor or artist. Teaching must be a drive, a passion. It can't be just a job. If you view it as just a job, you will get discouraged. It's too much work for the meager paycheck alone. Something else must inspire you. You must view education as your trade, knowledge as your product. Be passionate, be persistent, and always try to promote change.

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    The most needed teachers are actually ones that teach Math, Science, ELL & Special Education.

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    Of course English Teaching is a good field to go into. Do you love it? That's all that REALLY matters! I doubt it would take longer than 1-2 years tops.

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    Oy vey; are you sure you really want to teach 7th graders?

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