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My computer broke after playing Duke Nukem?

I am seriously annoyed by this because not only have I waited 12 years or the game then an extra 20 minutes to register it to steam then a final 2 and a half hours for an update but once I started playing the game, straight after the first level the screen went all checked and the computer would not respond.

Here are the full details:

* The computer will start and load windows, except on the log in screen there are small boxes randomly dotted that look somewhat like compression artefacts.

* Usually the computer screen then flickers and resets automatically

* If I can make it to the desktop there is a checked pattern where there are squares made of dithered red dots

* Windows dose the same in safe mode

* my Linux partition runs perfectly so It is not a hardware problem, however DNF is a PC only game

Basically I need a quick solution that dose not involve reinstalling or anything, I'm not sure if it is the fault of DNF as I always run at least five other processor intensive programs at once (for shits and giggles) but if it is, someone seriously needs to tell them about it.

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    I agree with Mercuri.

    Windows 7 and Vista both use video acceleration.

    I would try:

    1. reload your video drivers

    2. Try a 3D hardware accelerated program in Linux see what it does (if it doesn't look right skip to step 4).

    3. Re-install windows.

    4. Check the warranty on your video card some are as little as 1 year others like XFX warrants thier cards for a lifetime.

    Why do I think your video card is toast?

    I've had similar issues only to find out that my card was toast due to a video card fan that stopped working.

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    Your video card is fried. Linux is working fine because it's not using hardware acceleration for the video.

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