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Do you believe this woman's claim about a diocese firing a woman for solely being Muslim?

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    I doubt it. It sounds like her job was outsourced. Her complaints are ridiculous, such as she was forced to take a lunch break during Ramadan - it's a freaking federal law that people working a certain number of hours take a break whether they choose to eat or not.

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    Beats me, there is only one side of the story being told here.

    But this is the Catholic Church employing her. It makes me wonder a bit why a Muslim woman would want to work for the Catholic Church.

    Some of this complaint sounds frivolous. I could believe that OSHA requirements demand that all employees be given a break for lunch. Now, if the employee is fasting - for whatever reason - I do not see why that means they must just sit at their desk doing nothing. Why not go for a walk? Read a book, take a nap, etc.

    If she was a Muslim when first employed, and she can show that there were no valid complaints about her work or her actions at work, and she can show that she was replaced by someone else doing the same job that she did . . . . then she would have a case.

    But there is so little information here that no one can say.

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    I really doubt if it was because she was Muslim an being were mostly hearing only her side of the story it would be interesting to read the outcome of it. One things for sure right or wrong she has just made it a more difficult decision for other employers to consider hiring a Muslim.Will add this if she was fired only her Religion then that would be wrong but i know from where i live that as the Muslim population has grown the noisier they have become.

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    IDK, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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