Federal Theatre Project?

Who can tell me about the Federal Theatre Project? Why was it created? What was the goal? So on... just some background information please!

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  • Emmy
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    9 years ago
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    Federal Theatre Project was part of Federal Project One under Roosevelt's New Deal. Roosevelt created his alphabet soup (CCC, WPA, FTP, etc..) in order to get people to work during the 1930s. The FTP opened in 1935 and ran until it was shut down in 1939, ending with 'Sing For Your Supper'. It was headed up by Hallie Flanagan, who was picked because she wasn't afraid to push the limits and try new things with theatre. The FTP was ended after the Dies Committee (later to become HUAC) brought Hallie in under the suspicion of being part of the communist party, thanks in part to shows like Revolt of the Beavers. After such a public examination and outcry from whistle blowers inside (Who were wrong, btw..) politicians that originally supported the project could no longer do so publicly.

    The FTP was made up of multiple divisions, including Classical works, n*gro (yahoo sensors this ): ) league, yiddish theatre, vaudeville, dance theatre, children's theatre, puppetry, touring, and educational. It brought theatre out to the people that normally couldn't see a show and put thousands of actors and stage hands to work.

    This is far over simplified, but will give you a good dozen or more jump off points.

    Source(s): Library of Congress page on it http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/fedtp/fthome.html I've been studying it for about 10 years, writing a book on it now :)
  • 9 years ago

    It was created to provide work for unemployed theatre professionals during the depression. You can find out much more about it in books such as Oscar Brockett's A History of the Theatre. or just google Federal Theater Project.

  • hite
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    The Federal Writers' undertaking (FWP) replaced right into a u . s . federal government undertaking to fund written artwork and help writers in the process the super melancholy. It replaced into portion of the Works progression administration, a sparkling Deal application. It replaced into one among a team of recent Deal arts classes frequent jointly as Federal One.

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