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How can I get out of the athletics's tournament on Monday?

Help! I have been put in for a athletics tournament and am really nervous as I don't like Competing! I am put it for Shot, (which I don't really mind as I am quite good at it), 200m (I really don't wanna do It, because Im up against some really fast runners, and I`m not that fast and don't have very good stamina, also the gun startles me and I get SO nervous :( I really hate sprinting, but I come out quite well in the practices, and am one of the best runners, ( in my year, year 9 i`m 13) but I never train, and I will Be against some amazing runners, some who train every day- so I`m really scared and everyone will be watching so I REALLY do want to come last or near last ;( I can`t just not be at school or say I hurt my leg - because my PE teacher is really strict, and he knows I don't want to do it, I`ve asked not to already--- :/ how can I get out of it?? thanks, bracey x

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    Fake an illness,.

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