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About Congressman Weiner and Breitbart?

Did Congressman Weiner apologized to his wife and his constituents? I'm sorry, I haven't really been following the news lately, but it's hard to follow if you're bombarded with discussions about it left and right. I'm independent and I usually don't focus much on politics. And who is Andrew Breitbart, how is he connected to all of these?

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    Yes, Rep. Weiner (D-NY) apologized to his wife and to his constituents. Andrew Breitbart is the conservative blogger who broke the story, he posted the story about Weiner's tweet (the one showing the gray boxer briefs) a few hours after it was sent which made Weiner's initial lie (his account being hacked) and denial plausible to his defenders.

    Last Monday (June 6, 2011), Cong. Weiner called a press conference to confess that he was indeed the person in the photo sent on Twitter and that there are at least 6 women with whom he had online relationships these past 3 years. He apologized to his wife, to his friends, to his constituents, and to Andrew Breitbart in that press briefing.

    Incidentally, Breitbart was also present in that conference and in fact, spoke to the media from the podium before Weiner arrived. See my source below for the videos of Cong. Weiner and Andrew Breitbart talking to the press.

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    Andre Breitbart is a douche bag who's hobby it is to edit videos that make it look like the opposite of what is actually going on. Which is why it's hard to ever believe him. He's the little boy who cried wolf.

    Anthony Weiner did apologize. But I'm sure he did it because he got caught... not that her was actually sorry for his misdeeds.

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    Breitbart basically edits videos that make it look like the opposite of what the person in the video is saying in reality. That is in part why no one really believed Breitbart at first. Breitbart is the little boy that cries wolf on a weekly bases.

    Breitbart is also an old school fascist. Hates the poor, minorities and Jews of course he is a spoiled rich douche that never had a real job in his life.

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    i've got heard the memories concerning the porn famous man or woman, and a few others, Weiner reported six. He has shown adverse, if any judgment approximately his kinfolk with women persons and twitter. yet on the comparable time shall we do no longer forget that there became into no kiss. not one of the girls persons are 'sufferers' or asked him to no longer do what he did, in fact all of them looked very keen members. I do think of, from what Brietbart reported this morning that he became into handed them. What the female had in strategies is yet another factor. For some women persons acceptance is greater mandatory than money. Oh, and confident that's illegitimate to blackmail people, and 'supply me money or i'm going to offer this on your enemies' is blackmail. of direction Brietbart himself is enjoying somewhat on the breaking point of the factor whilst he say he has an x rated image of Weiner, and he does not foresee any reason to launch it. yet I actually have a feeling if Weiner does not do what he needs he will, and that's a style of blackmail too.

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    Breitbart is a Conservative blogger who has written about Weiner in the past. When Breitbart first started blogging about the first picture (and apparently had others), Weiner accused Breitbart of hacking into his Flicker account and inserting the first picture... saying it wasn't even him.

    In essence, he was accusing Breitbart of a crime... knowing full well that the picture was of him. Once it became obvious that others were coming out, he reversed himself and confessed. And yes, he did apologize for his actions.

    But how could he not... He was caught with his pants down... both metaphorically and in action.

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    Breitbart is the journalist that discovered Weiner sent lewd pic to a college kid young enough to be his daughter.

    After Breitbart exposed this perversion, other women came out saying they had received similar, and in some cases, unwanted pics. There is also a possibility that Weienr used Congressional resources to contact these women or coach them about his actions.

    Weiner is toast. Time to go.

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    Weiner tried to fake some tears at a press conference... it was real pathetic... Andrew Breitbart runs he's an independent (conservative leaning) journalist.

    (I think Weiner did apologize to everyone yesterday, in a New York Post video interview...) Guy is still a total doucher, though.

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    Yes, he did. After it was pretty much proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he, indeed, was the person who sent them.

    I'm quite certain he was far more sorry he got caught than he was about betraying the trust of his wife.

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    yes, Anthony Weiner apologized.

    Andrew Breitbart is a conservative a**hole, who specializes in media manipulation:

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    the guy was just doing normal things for this time and place. in 20 years it might be difficult to find ANY politicians who havent done something like that.

    maybe naked campaign photos will even be required, for fantasy purposes for teh constituents.

    when photography was invented they had to look nice, when radio was invented they had to sound nice, etc................

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