If we are "thinking" of God are we not immediately separated?

Duality arises when we perceive an "other," whether it is another sentient being or God/Source. How can we be separate from that which we are? We become the subject in our minds when we conceive of Source apart from us, the doer of worship, of prayer, of pleading, of fear, etc., toward a separate something. When, however, we do not point our fingers outward toward something other than ourselves, and stand still within without words and concepts, are we not in joyful celebration of and congruence with All That Is? In this state of stillness we "are" all that is, undivided, whole. There is no fine line between "me" and "you," for "we" are one. This is happiness, but not happiness "about" something, for there is no separate thing...just a merger with peace and happiness and joy.

The call is to eschew all outward "appearances" that distract from this moment of wholeness...to know the activity that bustles around us is not us. It is only the movement of Consciousness expressing through our form container (much as a projector merely rolls the film that appears upon the movie screen). And even our form itself changes constantly throughout our "experience" (physically, mentally, emotionally), until we are no more. Can we take credit for our beingness? Or are we simply the "functioning" of Consciousness as it renders and displays to Source Itself Its endless potentialities?

We are gears in the Machine of the Divine, every gear essential.

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    Of course we are never separate from Source, except in our awareness. There are stages of awakening perception and while any one of them or all of them may be transcended it is not the usual way it happens. Lifetimes of misunderstanding, wrong perception and mistaken identity are usually not set aside in one fell swoop but are 'forced' out of their position of false authority by the constant pressure of 'right awareness', what we call spiritual effort or spiritual disciplines.

    We are as close to God in this moment as we ever will be in Eternity, except for our state of knowing. So long as we imagine we are the form, the mind, the emotions, the ego/self we only sense our separateness and not our Oneness. While there are times when in one magnificent flash of awareness, intuitive perception, all the karmic patterns of play are dissipated and clarity bursts forth in the consciousness.... but that is the rare occurrence. I think it comes to those who have already done the spiritual effort of lifetimes. I have known those who have had the experience of Spontaneous Samadhi in which the intellect and ego/mind are abolished in a flash.

    It is a very different state of being to acknowledge the Possible and being awake in It. But It does require that we first acknowledge It. As the scriptures declare, 'When you acknowledge Me, I acknowledge you.'


  • taya
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    I suppose you are right and you are wrong. To me its simply a matter of perspective. Or rather a matter of perception. Its like the spark and the great fire, the drop of water and the ocean. The spark thinking of the great big fire, the tiny drop thinking of the vast ocean. The spark saying I'm one with the great fire, the drop saying I'm one with the ocean. Or, I'm separate, different. You're right when you say duality arises. Me on one side and God on the other side. Duality. But where does this duality arise? Isn't it all in the mind? Does that really mean that there is duality in fact? Its all in the mind. You cannot avoid it. Mind must think. That's its job. But in actual fact, there is no duality even when we think of God. Its just the small thinking of the big. Once the small merges into the big, then there is just one. No small and no big. Meditate on it and be happy.

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    Yes. we are separating ourself. But one should know there is a difference in purity. That which is attached to the Self as impurity is the sins, the thoughts, the speeches and the deeds or actions of previous life, and this life are the impurities that separate the two. That makes this think that is different from this. It is difficult for a coal to recognize and diamond, though carbon when purified does take the shape of a diamond and though diamond did come out of the coal. A flowing water is different from a stagnant water in purity, a running river will certainly see a muddy pond different from the flowing waters.

    A moving breeze would certainly find itself different from the polluted air without any movement. Me and you and we are same but they are different according to their deeds, ac cording to the sins attached with each what makes their ego different from one another, Ego is individual existance, ego marks individualism, purity dissolves ego and integrates one with the other. When water is water it mixes together, Water in the form of other liquids like oil may not and need not mix with water and may show separate identity. It does not mean that when that liquid is purified and made into water it will not once again mix with water. It will. Similarly a part of the Ether, a part of God within us as Soul or spirit or whatever is away from its source the God for a purpose and during this purpose due to its free will and fee choice of thought, speech and action does so many actions which are not of Dharma or right conduct towards purification just as all methods are not right method to purify an impure water into pure water, it has to perforce pursue a particular course of path to do that, and in the same way to purify a consciousness, a spirit or Soul and make it devoid of the impurities or sins there is certain path or conduct to follow which is of righteousness. And if that is achieved, the whole which was once removed from the whole would again rejoin the whole to make the whole the whole without any whole remaining, just as when it differentiated as a whole removed from the whole the whole had remained.

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    I agree with everything you say yet it is easier said than done. Even in trying to describe with words, "gears" imply differentiation or things separate from one another even though a part of a whole. Even if we change it to the many cogs or teeth on a single wheel, there is still a separation of sorts. Does refusing the concept of loneliness as a part of an illusion, or not pointing our fingers at it, ever really completely dissolve the feeling?

    Homogeny eventually and inevitably develops into specialized differences in this holus bolus existence. Perhaps being still is the only way not to become a drop of water in an ocean made up of many drops.

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  • Yoda
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    9 years ago

    The answer/conclusion you have come to, you can't deny or renounce; rather, you can either:

    1) Build upon the answers/conclusions that you have made "with" 'a question that gives rise to a new or evolved answer' (consequential thinking)


    2) Distract yourself with another question (statement), thus continuing the mental question/answer cycle described in 1), from another mental angle.

    So thus: the so called domino effect of consequential thinking remains the prime mental mode which is duality.

    Fact cannot be mentally accepted or denied: facts curtail the question/answer cycle, facts derail analysis. Consciousness responds by distracting itself with another question, as a method of continuing consciousness (e.g. as described in 2)). If mental distraction is the reaction to a fact, the reaction remains insufficient.

    It is said in the Upanishads: "Protect the Self by renunciation": however, you/us (e.g. thinking) cannot renounce (e.g. deny), without mentally forming a conclusion.

    Facts cannot be denied or accepted, a fact is the end of the line: the only appropriate response to a fact is a physical reaction. When mental attention is "physically" reacting to a fact, duality is absent. Only after the reaction is complete is there time for the brain to exist as duality. Thus: when there is fact, there is no time.

    A fact is some observed action: as such, a fact remains until an appropriate physical reaction resolves it. If no timely physical reaction to a fact occurs, regret is the outcome. There is no appropriate physical reaction to regret: any mental reaction is a source of discontentment.

    Procrastination is a mental machination moving ‘away from facts’ towards ‘mental analysis’: procrastination is duality in action. Every machination of the mental apparatus that diverts the mind from physical survival (physical reaction to fact) is pompous and portentous; it is the cloud cover which keeps the sun from the mind (a pretty image, but quite portentous).

    What is called ''we'' and ''self'' is mental machination in action. It is that machination which creates the idea of wholeness, non-duality etc and division. Staying within that field of machination brings discontentment, a feeling which is idealized into the image of discontentment (burden/problem). From this image, further machination creates the opposing idealization e.g. enlightenment. Similarly: mental attention operating upon the mental the image of duality brings about the generation of the mental image of monism. When one's mental attention is disturbed by fact (free from egocentric thinking), physical reaction fully involves that mental attention: thus, the images of monism and duality disappear..

    When the mind is physically reacting to facts, there is no sensation of contentment or discontentment; further, there is no idealization of enlightenment or problem/burden. There may be a physical problem e.g. how to learn French; however, the mind is not discontent to be doing this, so long as it is a reaction to a fact. The moment physical reaction is a reaction to mental conjecture; then, there is the feeling of discontentment.

    As long as physical reaction is the result of desire rather than fact, dissatisfaction pervades. Fact is not something for you to “work at”; rather, fact is un-resolvable by mental action. All that is left for you is this statement of fact from the book of Job, chapter 38, verse 11: ‘This far you may come, but no farther, And here your proud waves must stop!’

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    This is a paradox of this material world. We are separate yet one with the source.

    To know who that we are the spirit soul and part of the Supreme spirit, first we had to be separated from the whole and be who we are not. To do that we had to forget who we are to enter into the material realm so that we can remember who we are and our connection with one another and the source from which we came.

    This is illustrated by a parable in the link in the source below. Worth reading....

  • 9 years ago

    In a perfectly cut diamond, if light is directed toward each facet, the light is directed to one source or on point. If light is directed toward that one point, it spreads out through all the facets.

    Dualism might very well be a creation brought about by our categorizing and communicating about reality with the use of words. Words require categorization. So the monism of life is something that cannot be communicated, it can only be experienced.

  • Marie
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    4 years ago

    Very long without a real question to it but I understand where you are coming from. Basically that people have forgotten the purpose of their religions and started making up details and believing those were God's laws passed down. They forgot the big picture and it's the simplicity of who God is and his purpose for us.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, that's like daydreaming or imaginary mental conversations during a movie. You lose the attention on the film material. Thinking, especially in WORDS, shunts out whatever direct experience we can have, either of sensory physical reality or of thr spiritual kind.

  • This is what I call the tragic duality of mankind.. our propensity to separate things into equal and opposing opposites in order to comprehend what is truly one whole. It is this separation of our inner selves and our outer experiences into one of two categories that blinds us to what things are as a whole. Humanity thinks of things in too linear of a fashion.. we see things as two points on the opposite ends of a line.. right, wrong, good, bad, light, dark, you, me...(hence religion) but reality is not linear, everything we can see in Nature and in life is composed of equal parts of everything, a balanced whole. This is what I call triplicity.. because once you open your eyes you see things a third and final way.. as a whole spectrum with a much greater area inhabiting the space between all the things we try and separate. Normally we only look at the extreme ends of the spectrum.. black and white.. but there is a huge grey area where everything merges and becomes inseparable one from the other. Take it a step further to see that energy is the source of all life, and that energy expresses every facet of the spectrum and yet remains one whole cycle, one whole circle of expression. To seek balance is to see from the center outwards and encompass all shades of life. Negative>>>>Neutral>>>>Positive there is absolutely nothing in existence that is wholly negative, or positive... energy flows though us all and we are but one more incredibly wonderful expression of the energy cycle that sustains all life. This is what I call the Eternal Universal Energy cycle.. energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form.. we are just one more expression of energy in form among countless others, we are no better nor worse than the next because we are all one and the same. We carry within us every aspect of energy, to channel into expression as we will.. in clinging to any sort of division of this energy into opposing concepts, we separate ourselves from the whole and are blinded to the balanced flow of things. To think of God is to try and separate oneself from darkness which cannot truly be done. The darkness and the light dwell within us all in equal measure.. to deny one is to imbalance oneself.

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