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In Pakistan they ban the Bible?

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    In Pakistan "blasphemy" (saying anything against mohammed, the quran, or islam) is illegal and the penalty is death.

    Also, they have an "anti conversion law." Any child of a muslim man is considered to be a muslim. It is illegal for him or her to become a Christian and the penalty is death.

    The Voice of the Martyrs is a good resource to learn about persecution in Pakistan and around the world.

    Here is one article about Pakistan from VOM---

    Pakistan: Law Repeal Unlikely

    Despite international criticism, it appears unlikely that Pakistan will amend or repeal its controversial blasphemy laws. The laws impose severe penalties, including the possibility of a death sentence, on those found guilty of insulting Islam. In 2010, Christian Asia Bibi became the first person to receive a death sentence under these laws, for her alleged blasphemy of the prophet Muhammad. Asia Bibi remains in prison while her sentence is under appeal.

    Asia Bibi

    Christians, who compose less than 3 percent of Pakistan’s population of 150 million, have long complained about the blasphemy laws. They say the laws provide no protection to members of religious minority groups who are accused by Muslims of violations such as tearing a page from the Quran. Such accusations are commonly used to settle scores between feuding neighbors. The accused have little hope of defending themselves because the charge of blasphemy by a Muslim usually serves as sufficient evidence of the crime.

    Former President Musharraf tried to reform the law in 2000, but he dropped the issue after Islamic religious parties protested the move. In 2007, Pakistani Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed promised that the law would be changed after that year’s general election, but they remain in place today.

    Salmaan Taseer

    The blasphemy laws continue to be controversial in Pakistan’s divided society. When the reform issue gained worldwide attention in 2010–2011 after Asia Bibi’s sentencing, Islamist political parties launched a campaign demanding that the laws be left unchanged. In addition, clerics declared that those trying to change the law were themselves guilty of blasphemy. In January, Salman Taseer, governor of Pakistan’s most populous province, Punjab, was killed by his bodyguard after publicly seeking Asia Bibi’s pardon. And on March 2, Pakistan’s only Christian government minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, was killed by extremists because of his opposition to the laws.

    Pakistan’s president and prime minister both condemned Bhatti’s murder, but they said nothing about revising or repealing the blasphemy laws. After Gov. Taseer’s death, a prominent lawmaker in the ruling political party dropped her initiative to have the laws amended. She had received death threats and lacked support in her party.

    Each year since 2002, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has recommended that Pakistan be named a “country of particular concern,” which would allow the U.S. government to take steps, including sanctions, against Pakistan for violating religious freedoms. The State Department has overruled the recommendation each year.

    Posted: March 14, 2011

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    I have a good Pakistani friend who is a Christian. She and her family have always had Bibles, and they have always attended a Christian church. Pakistan has several laws based on religion, but it has not yet banned the Bible.

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    No. The bible is not banned.. There a some Christians who practice their religion

    btw. All you people saying that only Christians are being killed THINK again. What about when there was a terrorist attack on the Red Mosque.

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    Some of the extremists burn Bibles. I've heard of these things. Worse, they kidnap Christian girls and force them to become Muslims. They also kill Christians and make it look like an accident or falsely accuse them and get them sent to prison for life for doing nothing wrong. They are risking their lives to be Christians in Pakistan.

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    Some viewers got it wrong, yes the bible is banned, many churches are underground , and some are not as in China, and are persecuted by Muslims not only in Pakistan but in all the Middle east..

    Here in the U.S. it is showing signs of the same attacks by government , and Liberals. Its just that no one wants to talk about it....................

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    Why would I care what they do in Pakistan. Of course, any story of the persecution of christians has to be a lie.

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    There is no doubt that they are doing such a thing now. those "people" become more and more rabid each day.

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    You lier.

    Dont spread this propaganda or yahoo administrator kill your user.

    Stop propaganda machine you extremists people and stop trying making my country's bad image.

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    No. I used to live in Pakistan. We had a neighbor who was Christian. He used to carry his Bible with him everywhere.

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    Good JOKE of the Day on Y/A

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