I think i have an eating disorder?

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not anorexia or bulimia but this is what i do i eat junk food alot. like alot!! then work out very little. by dinner i feel like ive eaten too many calories, but eat any way. i ...show more
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  • hope answered 3 years ago
Sounds like you could have an eating disorder. You can have an eating disorder at any weight, you don't have to be dangerously underweight. Your obsession with calories is unhealthy and you restrict you intake--both of which are signs of an eating disorder.

You definitely have a distorted view of yourself. You are no where near fat and shouldn't lose any weight. You are at the lowest end of where you should be for your height. Thinking you are fat when you clearly are not and wanting to lose weight when you shouldn't or don't need to are also signs of an eating disorder.

You need a therapist and nutritionist who specialize in eating disorders to start the recovery process.

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  • tori answered 3 years ago
    You're probably going through a growth spurt...you aren't overweight believe me.
    Plus, yahoo isn't the best place to look for some kind of diagnosis. Lol
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