Itune recovery mode problem PLEASE HELLLLLPPP?

i had recently replace the battery of my iphone 3g running 4.2.1 ios and jailbroken and unlock. But after replace the battery i when i boot up i get my boot logo and then it will go to the recovery mode logo. I tried using irecovery, ireb, and tiny umbrella to get out but that didnt work so i try snowbreeze and resnow to try to rejailbreak it but that didnt work so i tried to retore but i got erorr like oxE8000065 and 16 something ending what can i do PLease help fellow jailbreakers

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  • 10 years ago
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    You can't go back to 4.2.1 if you never saved the shsh blobs. You've got to make sure that when you restore you open tinyumbrella first then itunes after that. After that you click "Run TSS Server" then try restoring. If that doesn't work then there is a very detailed way to fix whatever problem is casuing you not be able to restore and yes I will help you with this. If the above did not help then follow, thuroughly, the following instructions:

    1. Close ALL jailbreak tools, itunes, and tinyumbrella.

    2. Press and hold CTRL, ALT, Delete. If you are on windows vista or 7 click "run task manager. If you are on XP task manager will pop up automatically.

    3. Click "Processes" and close anything that has to do with itunes or ipod (ipodservices.exe, ituneshelper.exe, Applemobiledevice.exe, ect.) Right click them click "end process."

    4. Now click "Start" then double click "Computer" or "My computer" then double click the C:/ drive. Next, double click the "Windows" folder, then double click "System 32" folder, then double click "Drivers" folder, and then double click the "Ect" folder. Inside will be a few files. The one we want to focus on are the 2 host files.

    5. Drag the "Hosts.umbrella" file out onto your desktop and then click once on the remaining "hosts" file then right click it and click "Open with" or just "Open" if you don't have that option. It will ask you to open it in a certain program. You want to open it with notepad.

    6. Once the hosts files is open delete anything that says "" including the numbers infront of it. Once you have done that you should be left with " localhost" and a space underneath that. If there is no space underneath it simple go all the way to the end of the coding and press the enter key once. After all of that is done click "File" and "Save" then exit notpad byut leave the "ect" folder open.

    7. Now you may open ONLY itunes. No jailbreak tools and especially DO NOT open tinyumbrella. Once itunes is open hold the shift key and click the "Restore" button. A box will open up where you can browse for the 4.2.1 firmware. Click the firmware and cross your fingures that this works. If it does then it was a pleasure to be of assistance. If not sorry and the best luck to you.

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  • 4 years ago

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