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Which is the better starter Pokemon Serperior or Samurott?



In pokemon Black and White versions these are two of the three starter pokemon. Serperoir is weaker to more types of pokemon than Samurott, but I like snakes but both pokemon look cool when they are fully evolved. So which is a better starter pokemon for the black and white version?

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    Serperior is vastly the best grass type pokemon I have ever raised and is the cutest out of the 3 starters, but if you want to get through the game easier then choose Samurott (which is a cute pokemon too)

    Source(s): my daughter ultimate pokemon fan
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    Hands down, Snivy is the best pokemon ever, but if you want to get through the game easier then go with Oshawott.

    Serperiors stats and movepool are so low that midgame it's not worth having anymore. Samurwott at least gets Megahorn and other diverse attacks.

    Those are a couple analysis of the two pokemon. Seriously though, I'd go with Samurott.

    Source(s): Smogon and common knowledge after playing the game.
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    Samurott, Serperior has terrible base stats.

  • stiff
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    3 years ago

    Serperior Smogon

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    i would say that snivy is a better starter pokemon because you need him for more of the gyms then you do with oshawott.>.< tho oshawott is cuter.

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    6 years ago

    Both are good :3

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