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Why are we idle when muslims kill women by the handful.?

Almost a million muslim women are killed every year, for simple crimes. There is almost a 7 to 1 ratio of women being put to death for minimal crimes, compared to men who commit serious crimes. Yet we stand by and allow this to happen. Is a woman life worth so much less?

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    To whom are you referring when you say "we"?

    You can go to the places where the deaths occur and state your opinion. If it is not against the law then you can work to change the law.


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    There is a world organziation of women attempting to help the international exploitation and suffereing of women. It is not just a Muslim problem. Women are frequently exploited and abused in many parts of the world including among Christians right here. Women are more likely to be beaten or killed by their spouses and boyfriends, second only to automobile accidents, right here in good old USA.

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    the priority is; Muslim do no longer kill women people who have been raped, yet while that ladies human beings can't evidence the rape, then is seen adultery, and rape is extremely confusing to evidence specifically under Sharia regulation it incredibly is demands the testimony of four merely men and don't accepts forensic evidence. So relies upon of the rustic. extra present day and secular Muslim international places do no longer use Sharia and use forensic evidence to technique a rape case. The killing of a women human beings for adultary (while she truthfully replaced into rape) does happens yet merely in some very fundamentalist international places have been Sharia regulation is be conscious.

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    How would you stop something like this? These people are being killed because of an idea, and that idea is that God places restrictions on what women can do and requires their death if they don't comply. I don't really see how you fight an idea, guns and planes wont kill it, and those people are indoctrinated from birth so its not like you can reason with them. If they were reasonably people they wouldn't require women to wear beekeeper suits when they step outside. I think that's why we sit idle, there is nothing we can really do.

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  • Im more confused why the non crazy division of muslims dont do anything but play the victim yet continue to help the religion that does that crap >_>

    its not millions a year but it is hundreds.

  • Citations required

    According to amnesty international less than 1000 people TOTAL were executed (excluding china) in 2010.

    So your figure of 1 million seems just a tad suspect you know?

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    What are you proposing, assume that muslim women are being killed right now and declare war against muslim countries? It's their culture.

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    Who told you that lie?

    Women is honored in islam.

    Muslim countries has the least percentage of crimes and few gails contains ladies.

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    How much is a handful of women?

    Also, go away. Making unfounded claims is a job for Fox News.

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    may be this a local culture thing and not a religious thing just a thought as i know a few muslims and they are not like that at all actually apart from their religious practices are just like me

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