Education requirements to become a cop?

What education/age requirements are needed to become a cop. I am curantly a junior (age 25) majoring in international relations. I plan to work for the federal govermant, and would like to become a cop if that does't work out. I live in a major city in Texas, if that matters

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    Almost all of the better state and local agencies and all of the federal agencies require a bachelor's degree for entry level positions. Some require that the degree be in criminal justice or a related field but some do not.


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    AA degree is a basic requirement to apply for becoming a cop. But if you can possess a BA degree, it is much better than the AA.

    and there are other requirements as physicality and mentality... etc

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    RE: what are the requirements of becoming an undercover cop? first of all, what are the pros and cons of being an undercover? second, what are all the requirements? age, education, experience, training, race, gender, size, height, background, tell me all the details. do you need a college degree? associates degree? a certain number of credit hours? a certain...

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    Are you aware of what's known as organized group stalking operations on innocent citizens with no criminal or mental health background? Is that something you'd be interested in doing? Hope not. Hopefully, there are still some good hearted honest cops in the USA. I tend to believe there are many good cops, but there are also many corrupt and evil cops who are criminals that wear badges.

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    Depends on department

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