Best Apple Product Ever?

What do you think the Best Apple Product ever is? The reason I'm asking is I am making a new video about it.

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  • Kyle
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    9 years ago
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    iPod Touch. Not the iPhone, because I'd rather have an Android or a Windows Phone 7. Not the iPad, I hate tablets and if anything I'd get one with Android or Windows 7. Not their Macbooks, although they last a long time and look pretty, they expensive. Not their iMacs because the only nice thing about them is the 27" screen. The only two things I'd consider would be a iPod Touch *Jailbroken* and a Mac Pro *If I was rich and could afford to shed the money... Then put Windows 7 and Linux on it, so I'd have all 3 Operating Systems*

  • 9 years ago

    The best apple product of all time "I Believe" is the iPod.

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