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Why did we have to switch again?

Remember the older days with the older tv's and stuff. Even though the picture wasn't as great as it is now.. Didn't you at least enjoy the fact that you could see the picture and understand with they where saying on the show? And if you didn't have a good signal you just wasn't able to see the picture and you would get a lot of static maybe?

Anyway, I'm trying to be patient with this dtv thing. I don't like it too much. If the signal is slightly off, then you would miss a whole conversation in a madder of seconds. Picture freezes and you gotta ajust every five seconds or so. So why are the old ways we used to watch tv becoming absolute now? Why did we have to switch to the dtv? I like the better picture and slightly more channels if you don't have cable.. But i miss my old tv where i could just stick a pin in the back and be able to watch tv. :/ Now you need this and that and it has to be good or your tv will basically be useless..

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    We switched because the federal government controls television. Very sad. The FCC Federal Communications Commission, is government agency that controls television. In the early 2000's the government decided that digital was the way to go, so they decided to enforce it in full. Mandating that ALL tv stations broadcast in Digital. Im not a conspiracy guy and I don't believe they are trying to brain wash us or anything like that. But like you said, y did it have to change...only because the government wanted to.

    DTV Coverage Guide..see what kind of signal you get

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    Yes it can be a problem. It sounds as if you are in a marginal area for digital, hopefully things will get better as the old systems are switched off. They never took the old 625 system to the best it could do, so the only reason for the switch is the possible number of channels showing repeats

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