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how to put your 7 week old baby into a feeding routine?

My baby, Faith, is 7 weeks now. sometimes she eats quite routinely (4oz every 3 hours) but somedays shes all over. her oz's and times differ too. im wanting to get her so that shes taking the roughly the same milk and eating at regular times like every 4 hours so that i know where i stand and so that i can start to get some structure to our days. Because she wakes and eates at different times each day and at different intervals i never know if shes hungry, tired, windy (shes got colic too) etc. sometimes i think she gets overtired which then makes her not eat properly.

my friend said that she fed her baby every 4 hours exactly. at first if baby was hungry before this she would just offer water but just give her the bottle every 4 hours whatever! she would wake her to feed in the day too and eventually baby fell into this routine woke herself anyway! this made it easier for my friend to plan her day, and to find her sleeping patterns. has anyone else made a routine like this. or can you let me know how you got your baby into a routine. ??


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    Your friend is wrong what she did. You have to feed baby when she's hungry, regardless of time. My son fed every two hours for 6 months.

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    A 7 week old baby doesn't have a watch or knows how to tell time. Your friend's advice is wrong on so many levels. For one, DO NOT give a newborn water, it can cause water intoxication and kill your baby. It also does what your friend says, delays hunger, but do you really want to deny your tiny helpless newborn nutrition that she needs to live and thrive and grow. Scheduling an infant's feedings has been linked to failure to thrive, the baby basically stops growing physically and developmentally. Letting a newborn cry because "it's not meal time" is cruel and can cause emotional and mental issues later in life.

    I didn't try to even think about putting my baby on a schedule until he was closer to a year. He's 14 months old has a good routine going. I couldn't imagine trying to schedule a newborn.

    What helped for me was to just glance at the clock when my baby cried. If it was a couple hours since he woke up, I would try to put him down for a nap. If he hadn't ate in a while, I would see if he was hungry. Usually, drinking his milk would make him go to sleep. Also learn the signs of drowsiness and hunger before your baby gets to the crying stage. A hungry baby will make sucking motions with her mouth and possibly suck on her hands. A sleepy baby will yawn and rub her eyes and generally have lower energy. A baby that needs to get burped (or winded, as you call it) has a high pitched scream that sounds like the baby is in pain. The schedule and routine will come when she's ready.

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    7 weeks is probably a little young but I successfully started scheduling y son around 11 weeks. I started by keeping track of his eating and sleeping for about a week to see what his natural pattern was. Then I started an every 4 hours feeding schedule and he fell into it quite well. He generally wakes up right on time to eat. If he doesn't I wake him up and he eats just fine. If he's still sleepy he goes back to sleep when he's done. And, ever since we went on the schedule he's been sleeping through the night no problem!! Praise God for that! And I've been so much more productive during the day. Before, I wasn't getting anything done.

    I think it would be wise for you to wait until baby is sleeping well at night and more alert during the day. The key is to base it on her own rhythms and not on the ideal day that you hope to have. And, if she doesn't go on schedule don't try to force it. Just take your time. Schedule one feeding at a time and, when she gets used to that one, introduce another scheduled feeding. and be open to the reality that your baby may never get on a schedule.

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    You do not want to try and put your baby on a feeding routine.

    1. She can't tell time and has no idea when she is 'supposed to be' hungry.

    2. Her needs are changing constantly, so if you WERE to find a routine that worked today, it wouldn't work tomorrow.

    3. Just as you aren't hungry for precisely the same amount of food at every meal or every day, your baby isn't either.

    Unfortunately, 'structure' and 'life with a young infant' do not go together. Feed her when she's hungry. Likely over the next 2-3 months she may find her own rough-and-variable routine, and then you can try to work with that.

    Please do NOT give her water, or try to force her onto a four hour schedule. Few young babies can go that long between feeds with any sort of regularity -- her belly is still the size of her fist so she needs to eat little-but-often.

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    Don't believe everything your friends tell you especially when they brag about having the perfect life and perfect behaved baby!! That's a huge lie Louise! Maybe her baby was already one year old!!

    I have an eight month old baby and I'm still strugling with his schedule,, he just started sleeping thru the night which is a great relief!

    Your baby Is completely normal and even if it sounds really bad,, you cannot have her in a schedule,,... Some days she will eat like a little bird others she can eat a lion,, her energy levels change as well, so her sleep and nap time varies as well. You have to accomodate your routine around your baby's, even if this interferes with your plans, she's too young to be put on a planned routine and you can try but it will only frustrate you if you're trying to put her to bed when what she wants is to play!!

    So for now, just make plans for the day and take it one day at a time. Your friends will understand if you cannot make it to the party or spa appointment you had! Try making plans with people who has baby as well., the single, club dancers will have to wait. At least for the first year! Just enjoy you baby, they grow too fast!!

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    I raised two kids. My mom's advice worked for me: they'll let you know when they're hungry. My daughter was like clockwork, but my son was all over.

    Your daughter is only 7 weeks old. You can't expect her to get a routine going yet. If she takes the same amount at each feeding, has the same amount of wake-sleep time, and the same level of activity between meals, she should not be hungry until the same amount of time has elapsed. How often does that occur? Just take a diaper bag everywhere you go, stocked with sufficient bottles to get you through whatever outing you have planned.

    It isn't that hard to feed your child while you are out, if you plan ahead. One breast-feeding friend I have wears a poncho when she goes out. If the baby gets hungry, she holds him under the poncho, and no one is the wiser. Wonderfully discreet, and it works.

    Trying to put a baby on a schedule is just ridiculous, in my opinion. They are hungry when they are hungry. Are you going to let your child scream on and on because she is hungry just because it isn't "time" yet? That borders on abuse in my mind! A sleeping baby is a content baby, I would never wake her. When she wakes up and lets you know she is hungry, feed her. When she is asleep, use the opportunity to take a nap or catch up on chores. She will eventually settle into some sort of routine on her own, but it's cruel and useless to try to force it.

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    It is actually very dangerous to give young infants water, especially instead of feeding them or trying to make them feel full. This can cause malnutrition and a lot of other problems, so I don't suggest giving her any water.

    If you want to TRY to put her into a routine it might help to just start with naps. Watch her in the morning and see around what time she is getting sleepy. Then rock her until she is asleep and put her down. Watch the clock and see how long she sleeps. Then write down the time she went down and the time she woke up. Keep doing that all day and try to see if she will take her naps roughly the same time every day.

    Hopefully that will help you get into somewhat of a routine. This doesn't work for every baby though, so don't be too strict with it. I am just lucky that my daughter NEEDS me to be strict with it or else she is very fussy.

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    Your baby does not need to have a feeding routine. Feed your baby whenever she wants to be fed. Do NOT offer her water. If she's hungry, she's hungry.

    As babies get older, they will form their own routines. But at this stage, feeding on demand is important. Young babies eat often as their metabolic needs fluctuate. My son is 9 weeks old and sometimes he eats every hour (he is breastfed). You just follow your baby's cues.

    EDIT: The reason people are saying no to offering water is this: babies younger than 6 months old do not need it, regardless if they are given formula or breastmilk. After six months, formula-fed infants can have sips of water, especially during hot weather. Breast-fed babies generally don't require that, as breastmilk contains a high percentage of water. They will drink from the breast if they are thirsty, and they will give the same cues as if they are hungry (lip-smacking, sucking fist, etc.)

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    Forget about the idea of a routine. Feed your baby on demand. EG when baby is hungry.

    Make sure she is gaining weight (baby clinic)

    Do not give water - as you describe. When she is past 4 months and we are in the midst of an indian summer you can give her a spoonful of cooled boiled water (never juice) between feeds but not instead of.

    All humans get thirsty what ever age.

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    I fed on demand and found i always had a boob out. I wish i had put a mine in a routine earlier. Eventually they do find their own routine but if its not working for you do the feeds every 3hrs and water inbetween. As she gets older try to lengthen the time between and increase the oz of each bottle. As the weather warms your baby will want a drink more often (water). The way to get less feeds at night is to do a bigger feed at bed time this will carry them through. Make a bottle larger than you would expect baby to take and measure what her intake at bed time is. A rough guideline for oz is half their weight in lbs if i remember right. Difference between bottle and breast is that a breast feed begins mainly watery like a drink then progresses to hind milk, the high calorie food. If you bottle feed they're constantly taking food and will need regular drinks (water) in hot weather.

    I'm not sure why people are saying no to water. When i had mine it was advised. Make sure water is boiled then cooled quickly and served from a sterilised bottle.

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