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Using Throws in Karate Nationals?

Im competing in the Karate Nationals and Id like to use a throw but I dont know any and I have a month to learn one now. The rules say that I have to hold onto the person throughout the entire throw and I cannot throw them ove a point higher than my hip. Im looking for some kind of Judo throw that I could easily master, could you please give me the names of a few? thank you,

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    Why do you need a Judo throw? All styles of karate have many, many throws in them. They are not always taught though, depending on the instructor.

    As others have said one month is not much time to get a new technique down well enough to use in a National Tournament. Also as Kokoro pointed out, looking to use any specific technique is a plan for failure. If you are busy concentrating on one specific technique you will miss many other opportunities, also you will be more likely to get hit. You have to be smart, but it is more of a reaction to what is going on rather than a conscience plan to use this combination or that technique.

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    Stick with what you know especially in a nationals. That is not the time to try out new techniques especially if you have only one month to learn them. If you want to throw you should have gone into Judo, not Karate. It is never a good idea to 'plan' a fight as in saying I want to do this or that. You might be spending your entire fight waiting to use the one technique you want rather than taking what is given to you thus missing many opportunities to score and subsequently losing your fight or at a minimum jeopardizing your win. It does not look good when a fighter misses opportunities to score. They alway look like they don't know what they are doing. Taking openings and making quick scores is so much more impressive.

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    if you plan on looking to use a specific move you have a greater chance in losing. dont be so dead locked on using it that you lose all other focus

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    Screw it, just go for a double leg takedown

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