I took the TEAS nursing school entrance exam and got a 75 How good is that ?

The college I took it at called me six days later to talk about me going to school there - I was really surprised. The proctor said that was a really good score and they were looking for scores of 70.

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  • 9 years ago
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    What is your question--they program told you your answer.

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  • oroza
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    3 years ago

    not all classes require that try. yet maximum do require some variety of front examination. they at the instant are not not complication-free, and that they don't try you on actually nursing know-how. I had to take the HESI examination to get into my application. It became in certainty know-how I discovered in the time of my prereqs. It became quite complication-free. i did not learn for mine, purely brushed up on my math skills (which i finished up not desiring plenty besides) and have been given an 88% which became larger than required.

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