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Reson for low oil pressure?

After driving for about an hour.when i hit home and gettin ready to pull into the garage i noticed that my oil pressure was shifting up and down.normally its really high,but now it's below half and i sat there for a few sec's while the car is running and the pressure leved out in about 10sec's.i had the oil changed recently from 10/30 to 10/40+lucas and i really feel its to thick.i feel a diff in power when driving i want to change it but i dont know much about cars so im asking here.would 10/30+lucas help or its the oil pump.i have a new oil filter by stp.

96 v6 camaro


Lucas engine treatment and i just changed the oil last week and used 10/40 i cant remember the name of the company it was on sale lol in a green bottle at autozone.really idk what oil to use and if i should go 5/30 or 10/30.and i was told to use ac delco oil filter and for oil i have no idea.the lucas is super thick so i think the 10/40+ the lucas is a bad combo.

Update 2:

well first off thanks alot for the response guys.

I will have it looked at tmmrw i dont know whats going on with this dam car but i only had it for 2 minths so far and put 1,300 into the engine and trans,just gettin up to speed.last month i had leaks and all types of work done.ignition coil,evap,pan,gaskets,everything i can think of and it was fine till this week now i have 2 leaks again! somewere from the enigine and trans again,so its going back into the if its the same issue im under warrenty.i just wanna get everything good im selling it asap.i dont want to put nomore cash into this car but it seems i may have 2.

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    Try castrol 10-30 and a Ac Delco Filter. I would never run a stp oil filter or lucas oil in my camaro. What is your oil pressure anyway? your gauge could just be going bad. They always do in camaros. I always used castrol and it held good pressure. one time i put pennzoil in there. (idiot me) And I noticed my oil pressure was really low with it. i drove it for about a week at 22psi then changed it back to castrol and it went back up to 40psi when i drove it. When i drained the pennzoil it was like water. CRAP. Lucas is no better. i never even herd of that oil. Run castrol.

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    Green bottles is castrol star-up or the other GTX one. They got a line that has green bottles. Lucas is an additive, you are supposed to replace one quart with the lucas. If you didn't and you have too much oil, that could be your problem. Rule of thumb is that whatever oil you have, when you use lucas, it increases the viscosity up a notch. So if you used a 10-30 oil, you now have 10-40, and if u use 10-40 then you now have 10-50 (not quite 20-50) but close enough. Lucas is a good additive. I use it a lot. I doubt this is the issue. However, these engines are known for issues with the oil pressure gauges. Also the indicator, or gauge it self fluctuate a lot. It's a quick reacting gauge, versus your other gauges like your alternator voltage gauge, it acts slower. So fluctuations are more noticeable. Too much oil, will cause foaming and air bubbles, you'll get the fluctuation. Bad sensor will show that as well, gauge going out too. If you buy a cheap mechanical oil gauge, remove one of the test ports on the block and connect it, you will see that it won't fluctuate that much. As for pressure being lower once the car is hot, that is normal. Warm oil is thinner than cold oil. Lucas being thicker, you will see higher startup pressure than when it's warm. Half way is at least 30psi therefore, you're just fine. Redline for most cars is 10psi at idle.

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    Sorry but you're not going to feel a single bit of "power" difference between 10w30 and's all in your head.

    Get it checked out but it could be something little like the oil pressure sending tells the gauge with the oil pressure is at.

    Just stick to 10w30 and be done with it but you're not going to hurt anything by running 10w40 either.

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  • 9 years ago

    Have you checked the oil level at all? Low oil pressure can be the result of a lack of oil.

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