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What to do if a hacker is accessing my computer?

Hello, I have a major problem, and I do not know what to do?

The other day I was on AOL Instant Messanger, as I usually am.

And one of my ex friends (from an Online Game) contacted me and was like:

Hey try out this program I made.

or something like that.

So of course, my stupid self was like " oh yay ok sure ",

So he sent me the program,

And I tried to open it,

But nothing happened, so I just deleted it.

And was like, hmm okay whatever.

Well I was actually talking to him earlier,

And me and him got into an argument,

And he then told me,

The program he sent me, was a scam.

And that he had total access to my computer?

So I asked for proof,

And he sent me a picture of my desktop,

Of that day.

So I then realized that he can access all of my personal information on my computer?

Now I'm not sure how it's possible, if I deleted the program,

And I'm pretty sure this is illegal?

So I then asked him:

If I reformatted my computer, would he still be able to access it?

And he didn't respnod,

So my worried self, reformatted my computer.

And now I'm wondering if he can still access my computer?

And if he can,

How do I stop this, and what should I do?

I have a firewall, anti-virus and that stuff.

Please answer ASAP.


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    To gain access to any computer you require a IP address, which can be obtained quite easily, for example if your in a skype call, and you open 'CMD' and type 'netstat' you're able to see all the IP's connected to your computer which one of them will be the person your on a skype call with, many I'm allow you to do this as there not encrypted your Ip's.

    You can't gain access to a computer with a IP address as you need a file usually .exe/.msi to open a port straight to the computer to open remote assistance up. This would be sent, and genreally you'd open it, and it wouldn't do anything noticable, but in the background be opening the remote port. This is also known as a 'Trogen Horse Backdoor'.

    He can do something with your IP which is known as Ddos which is Denial of Service, what this does is spam loads of packets with data telling your router to download files, and basically because your routers processing power is to weak it's not able to handle it, and it shuts the connection down for saftey reasons. The connection will be back up, and running after the attacker stops the attack program that he is using. Firewalls will be unable to help you with this as the packets go straight to your router not your actual computer even blocking the IP won't help.

    The only way to stop this is by getting router protection, and I tested they can do this if your using a 3G dongle, but not if your tething of a mobile phone 3G connection.

    If you re-installed everything they won't be able to control as it wipes all of the data on your hard drive, not every bit of data as there are log files in your computer that the average user can not access which the police use to find information on the computer, but it should wipe the virus he has created as you need to obtain a special key for the computer to access this information.

    If you've restored your computer there's not much to worry about, as you will have closed all of the ports to your computer.

    I hope this helps.


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    Use software called cain & abel, it tracks IP and MAC address of hacker and dissconnect or disable its connection with your computer.

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