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I want a Fat-tailed gecko and I'm wondering if...?

I want a Fat-tailed gecko and I'm wondering if i really need a heat pad, cuz since my country's (Macau)

average temperature is about 26.C and have a relatively humid climate of about 75-85%.

I was also thinking of buying a leopard gecko soon after and wonder if they could be kept together.

Do they also need a basking light? I'm highly dubious about this since they are Nocturnal

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    Yes, you will need a heat pad, or some form of heating equipment. 26C is NOT warm enough; they need a hot end of the enclosure of about 90F (32C).

    A basking light can be used with absolutely no ill effects - i use lights instead of heatmats for my leopard geckos and have been doing for years without any problems. Most people only use them if they cannot reach the required temperature using just a heat mat.

    Lights for nocturnal animals are not necessary, but the proper equipment wont hurt either.

    AFTs and leos CANNOT be housed together.

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    Hi, they might need a heatpad during the colder times and in your country a uvb light is not neccessary.

    Only a male and female can be kept together to breed, do not put 2 of the same sex as this can occur to fighting. Hope I helped!

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