Question about car warranties?

What do they mean and what power do they give to the buyers? I'm looking for a used car now and dealers are offering me warranties with the car. I am worried that they will turn out useless and that would have been tricked by a car dealer.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Many warranties are indeed worthless. They are only as good as whoever is standing behind them.

    Many used car warranty's are 50-50 and very short in duration. 30-60 days and 3000-6000 miles and only cover the motor & transmission.

    They are effectively worthless because the dealer will charge about twice what a guy on the street would charge for the same work. And you have to pay half which is 100% of what the other guy would charge.

    That means its worthless.

    Bought warranties are even worse. Never buy an extended warranty. They can & do find just about any reason to get out of paying.

    Now, manufacturer certified used cars, backed by the manufacturer are pretty good. But they cost thousands more and are a bad deal.

    Best bet: Have the car checked by a mechanic prior to buying it.

    Don't rely on any warranty. Nothing is "free" in this world. Especially a warranty.

    You pay for it one way or another.

    • Chateau5 years agoReport

      can they put a used transmission in if the car is under warranty
      i thought that a warranty means replace with new are rebuilt

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  • bo
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    9 years ago

    as with other answer i work in a transmission shop in most of the warranty companies we work with they will cover some of the work they will not pay for the trans fluid. the filter, if we have to replace any electronic parts as in solenoids they will not cover those either and all do have a down payment you pay up front usually 100 dollars along with whatever you have to pay for what they don't cover we also have to come up with 3 prices for the job one from dealer one from junkyard and the other from one of their re manufacturers

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