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Brad asked in SportsBaseball · 9 years ago

When will the Brewers cut Kameron Loe?

Trust me. I've tried to give this guy chances before, and sometimes he's ok out of the bullpen. But not nearly as much as he blows close leads.

I have two recent examples of him blowing close leads- the first against the Reds, where he gave up a go-ahead two run homer to Joey Votto, which would lead to an eventual Reds win. Then tonight, the Brewers are winning 2-1, and Loe comes in and puts up a 5 run 8th inning. He was lucky that the offense (primarily Prince Fielder) had his back, and now Loe probably won't be criticized as much because we still won.

So my question is, how long will it be before the Brewers cut Loe, or at least send him to the minors? I'm sick of seeing him blow leads, and I really hope Roenicke is too.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Listen, Kameron Loe is awful. But I don't really know what you want right now. Would you rather have Marcos Estrada? How about LaTroy Hawkins? Zack Braddock? These guys suck. The bullpen really really stinks. LaTroy Hawkins is terrible, and he'll return to his terrible form. It's inevitable. Maybe you want Tim Dillard? But still, there has to be a reason he's damn near 28 years old with only 20 career games pitched in. The Brewers did a fantastic job this past offseason bringing in guys that are going to help them contend this year, but they're going to need to go the whole way with this and trade whatever is left in their minor league system and get some help in that bullpen. Because that is going to doom them. They can't hold a lead.. Wolf has pitched so well this year and this is at least the 3rd game the pen has blown a W for him. It's very frustrating for me, who actually wants to see the Brewers contend for a pennant, be this close, yet have a glaring problem when it comes to closing games. Even Axford this year hasn't been great. I know you can look at his save total and even his ERA and it looks like he's had a decent year, but his WHIP is near 1.6. He walks the tightrope seemingly every outing. And hopefully it doesn't start to catch up with him. They need to do something, and it has nothing to do with sending Loe down, or inserting LaTroy Hawkins into the setup role. They just need someone else. Desperately.

  • 9 years ago

    Loe had a bad outing...50% blame on the manager.

    It goes back to last night (Tues)..he brought in Estrada, then he's forced to use Hawkins. So tonight, he can't use Hawkins, so he's got Loe's a no brainer to bring in Loe as a set up man...but he has no one reliable to bail out Loe...

    They don't have anyone in the minors...Loe stays...but surely Hawkins is the set up man now.

    Btw, Cubs Fan...I have the same problem with Estada, he cost Marcum 2 wins..each time Shawn was pitching well, but reached his pitch limit.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    June 23rd, its on Roenicke's calendar.

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