Could some of you Creationists explain to me why being related to a chimp is insulting?

I mean, I often hear the argument "because they fling their poo at each other!" But how is that worse than some of the terrible things human beings do? Human beings throw ATOMIC BOMBS at each other, for Pete's sake. That's even worse!

The next argument I hear is "because chimps are ugly!" Well, besides the fact that that's just plain old mean and utterly subjective, have you seen Keith Richards? That man's a walking geriatric heroine-chic sack of bones! (No offense, Keith - I love you!!!). I'd much rather look at a cute little chimp than poor Keith.

And lastly, I hear the argument "because chimps are stupid!" Come on, haven't you ever heard Sarah Palin try to explain her foreign policy qualifications? You gotta admit, humanity has some pretty stupid members. Besides, chimps are actually very intelligent - enough to learn sign language and how to read, and how to recognize themselves in the mirror. That's smarter than most young children! Personally, I like the idea of being a member of the smartest animal species on the planet (humans).


Jesus, why are you assuming that evolution is anti-God? I'm not debating the existence of God; I'm just arguing for evolution!

And as I said before, chimps are capable of brain processes that ARE superior to some humans.

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  • 9 years ago
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    i just don't like monkeys. not sure why but monkeys and elephants just bother me for some reason.

    human throw atomic bombs at each other. if a chimp is so fn smart then why don't the go makes some fn airplanes and atomic bombs to throw at each other.

    you act like monkeys don't fight. but i guarantee you that if you taught monkeys to how to shoot guns they would ******* end up killing each other.

  • 9 years ago

    its not...

    The part that is in dispute is not how a physical body is made or evolved etc, the part that is debated is the existence and origin of our souls.

    You think we came into existence by chance, and that life is a random occurrence. And further that we didnt exist before, nor will we exist after this life.

    I believe we have a Creator, that life was organized (and evolution may be a part of that creation) and that we will live after death.

    So, its not really offensive. I just dont think we are the same as other animals...we are humans and were created by God, as His children, in His image.

    (also, you must admit, if you are being serious...even our less intelligent humans have far superior cerebral prowess than chimps. We're happy that they can use 'tools' to eat ants. We humans shoot 4K HD video documentaries of these chimps, store the footage on SSD plates, process them with 12 core microprocessors and broadcast this via the internet. We then discuss the emotional and cultural relevance of the project itself, debate it in Universities and television shows etc.

    We are more than a little different than the chimps.

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  • earles
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    3 years ago

    Of the macaque's almost 3 billion DNA base pairs, ninety 3.5 per cent are clone of those interior the human genome. this isn't unpredicted for a species whose lineage diverged from our personal about 25 million years in the past. The human and chimp genomes, which diverged basically 6 million years in the past, are about ninety 8 per cent same. One complicated discovery is that countless mutations that reason genetic ailments in human beings - such as phenylketonuria and Sanfilippo syndrome, which deliver about psychological retardation - are the conventional kind in macaques and, likely, our personal ancestors.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Cant seem to see any problem with sharing an ancestor with a chimp, I mean things could be a whole lot worse I could be related to George Bush , or (shudders) Sarah Palin ((A))

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  • 9 years ago

    Since chimps are superior to humans and humans are quite depraved compared to chimps, it is insulting to us chimps to be compared to humans.

  • 9 years ago

    Its not so much insulting as it is untrue. Nobody is going to accept your warped version of reality without some sort of evidence to back it up.

    Saying 'God cannot exist so we must have come from monkeys' is a logical fallacy.

  • 9 years ago

    My question is if we came from a Monkey who made the Monkey? who made the pond with the slime? Why God of course. have a nice night?

  • 9 years ago

    Doesn't bother me. Whatever floats your boat hun.

    Who is Pete in "Pete's sake" anyway?

  • 9 years ago

    Could've been worse. We could've evolved from jackasses.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Good points.

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