Casting Call Auditions in California for Summer 2011?

Does anyone know of any auditions in California for any roles? I'm going out there for the whole summer of 2011 and want to know if there are casting calls. I prefer to work with a Disney show/movie, but anything would be fine really... Please let me know.

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  • R K
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    9 years ago
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    you won't get any professional acting auditions without an agent. they aren't open calls you can get yourself on. a couple months is not long enough to do anything. auditions don't come out that far ahead. unless you have training,experience, a good resume and an agent in LA, you won't get anywhere near a Disney audition. when you get there you can get a copy of an acting trade magazine

    called VARIETY, anywhere around Hollywood. it is all about show bus. there are open calls listed in it

    for local theater and student and ind. films.

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  • Cogito
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    9 years ago

    Disney only casts through agents (except for a single open call in Texas, which was more of a publicity stunt anyway).

    Almost all roles are cast through agents.

    Unless you've been to drama school and have masses of experience, you don't stand a chance.

    And if you did find any auditions, they'd expect to to live locally and be available for far longer than just the summer.

    No agent would bother to take you on just for the summer - they want long-term clients.

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  • 9 years ago

    people don't just know about casting calls. 80-90% of auditions are only known by those involved and agents to pass along to their clients. There are certain databases only they can access. Disney always have auditions for new talent but finding open calls requires hard work and someone working for you like an agent. while not impossible it is very hard without an agent. Many roles go to SAG members. Open calls are usually for everyone, SAG or not.

    my suggestion, try spending your summer finding an agent. start now actually. submit yourself to agencies by using SAG's website to find them (pay attention to their submission policy) And if you manage to get one, they should find you auditions for the summer. Otherwise you'll lucky if you just run out to LA and get more than 2 or 3 open calls. Most castings are not Open call so ur chances are very low.

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  • clegg
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    3 years ago

    you would be able to desire to grow to be an actor before you start up searching for artwork! No-one employs novices - why might they, whilst they have hundreds of nicely-knowledgeable and extremely experienced actors to ensure on between? Get right into a physically powerful type, and artwork stressful. connect at school stuff as much as you may. artwork stressful at school, as you will prefer incredibly reliable grades to get right into a physically powerful drama college. (for a start up, not all words start up with a capital letter - it seems incredibly stupid) in case you have been guidance for quite a few years you're reliable sufficient to be able to get an agent. almost all performing auditions are merely handed to reliable brokers, and in case you do not have one, you will in no way understand what's obtainable. Even roles in advertisements are solid by way of brokers, and brokers are merely interested in drama college graduates and extremely experienced actors.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    there was an open casting call for disney on saturday the 4th in texas, I missed it because I didnt have money =/

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