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Do you guys have any tips on doing well in these AP classes?

Junior Year: AP English Language, AP chemistry & AP Psychology

Senior Year: AP Government, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics and AP Biology.

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    9 years ago
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    AP English Language and Composition: Actually read the texts and assignments you're given. This seems obvious, but I knew many students in my AP Lang class who didn't read the assigned material; their AP scores suffered from their less than ideal performance. Also, hone your writing skills. It is imperative you can communicate your ideas well, especially on the AP exam.

    AP Chemistry: I didn't take this class, but from my high school friends' experiences, you must have your chemistry down to a tee. Prepare to work many practice problems to do well in the class and on the exam.

    AP Psychology: I didn't take this AP class/exam, but I took it's equivalent, Introduction to Psychology, at The University of Texas at Austin. My best advice is to be able to apply the concepts you learn from the text and class to situations outside the classroom.

    AP Government: Again, I didn't take this AP class/exam, but I took it's equivalent in college. Memorize terms and government structure and be able to apply them to real world situations, such as what you see on the news.

    AP Calculus AB: If you didn't do well in Pre-Calculus, prepare for a world of pain in your calculus class. The key to this class is to practice, practice, practice! Run through as many old AP calculus exams as possible and re-learn the material in your weaker areas.

    AP Statistics: I took Business Statistics in college this year, which covers the same material in the AP Statistics syllabus. Know how to explain your findings and perform basic calculations.

    AP Biology: I hate biology but have many friends in college trying to get into medical school. Know your biology well; that's all I can add.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): "4" on AP Lang ( 4 on AP Lit), "A" in 500 person psychology class (top 2 percent of my class), 5 on AP Calc BC ( 5 on AB sub-score), "A-" in 300 to 400 person Government class, "B+" in Business Statistics at a top-ten undergraduate business school
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