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LJ asked in SportsHockey · 10 years ago

Christmas in July? Hockey?

When I was a kid I would get really excited before Christmas, now that I know that's fake and we only get little gifts that we don't really care about (Thanks for the Socks MOM), there's only one day I get excited for...July 1st.

After Thorton, Semin, and even Justin Williams have signed deals, do you think Brad Richards will get a ridiculous contract because he's the only big name left out there?

To whom, for how much and how long (guess).

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    What there is no Santa?!?!?! lol :)

    I love the off-season, I love the regular/post season more but still love summertime and all the deals flying around! I can see him getting a ridiculous contract, probably from the Rangers. That team needs someone like him, to bring that extra push and edge to the team. I hate long term deals/contracts though....it takes the fun away from big named superstars and seeing if they will leave that team next year, or in 2 years. It's always predictable and everyone knows certain players are locked in for a team for life, Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way, but I just think it does take the "speculation" and "mystery" out of a superstar player and what team he will go to in the short term.

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  • Alexander Semin is under contract with Washington for the 2011-12 season (on a one-year deal). He has indicated through his agent he won't sign a new deal until a new CBA is negotiated.

    It's academic that a team will sign Brad Richards to a pretty significant UFA contract. If NYR aren't that team, then LAK are the most likely option. He doesn't want to play in a Canadian city.

    I'd guess something in the 5-7 years, $7mm+ range.

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  • I really hope its not just that i am blinded by the hope of the homer but i am hoping brad richards holds out for the stars to be totally sold and gets a long term deal with us.. if not however i think he is going to be over paid by some other team in a 1 or 2 year rental deal..

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    It's playoff time. It's been Christmas for 2 months :D

    I think Richards will get a ridiculous contract mainly because the Rangers are interested and they are his most likely target. The Rangers have made ridiculous contracts an art-form.

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    Who cares right now it is the finals focas on that after and Richards is getting mad money

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