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legit partial unemployment (Connecticut)?

I've worked a year in the state of Connecticut as a part time employee with full time hours (30-40hrs weekly) and decided to move down to Florida with my mate. I was offer a higher full time position down in Florida (Same Company) and when I arrived they declined me from getting this position and demoted me to a lower position. I went from making 350 weekly and got cut down to 80 dollars a week. OUTCH =(

With no help from corporate offices I was in a panic mode and decided to file for unemployment. I was advised over the phone that leaving my job would lower my chances of collecting and I should file for partial unemployment. Days and weeks went by and nothing was processed, so I called up and they went ahead and approved my claim since nothing was heard from the company.

Do I have full rights for my partial unemployment? I did move down to Florida with my mate so he can go to college down here, but the company did not tell me to (even they offered me a full time position while still working in CT). Can the company still counter the claim, even if I'm collecting still?

These people sure did a number on me, help!


Side note: I filled for Connecticut Unemployment and collecting in Florida.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Here is an article about unemployment law in Connecticut:

    And this one talks about collecting unemployment in CT if you quit your job:

    I hope these help!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Partial unemployment is more for the people who work lets say, 2 days out of the week when they used to work 5. They work those 2 days, then file for partial unemployment for the other 3 days. I dont think you're eligible for partial unemployment for just having your hours cut back. Check with your state's unemployment office.

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