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emjob asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 9 years ago

Who is your "shouldn't but would" person? Or people?

In case you don't know what I mean, "shouldn't but would" refers to fancying a celebrity who really, you shouldn't do, either because they're funny looking or older or whatever. But you can't help but find them attractive and know secretly that given the chance you'd be straight in there! Feel free to make a list :)

Some of mine would include: Jeff Goldbum, Steve Buscemi (ten years ago anyway) and Derren Brown (the man is so clever, amazing, charming and intelligent...even if he is gay and almost bald).


(((hugs))) !!!!

Update 2:

Thanks guys!

Brian that is a really nice picture of Barbara Streisand, she looks so sultry! I think good on her for never caving in to the pressure to have a nosejob, why on earth should she?!

I've always thought Kirsten Dunst was really pretty, she has a look about her which gives the impression she's really down to earth as well. I love the fact she's never had her teeth fixed either, not that they're terrible or anything, but most actors and actresses have all the works done!

Barbara I prefer Leo now he's older, looks more like a man (grrrr!) but I know a lot of people liked him back in the day :) I love Brad Pitt but strangely it's mainly when he's playing a trailer trash type character...that looks suits him so much! GRRRRRRRRRR! :D

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    9 years ago
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    I just can't think of anything that precisely fits the description of this question but I will list some people are at the least relevant to the question.

    Barbra Streisand - not in the present she is just too old now and I no longer find her attractive at all. but when she was MUCH younger despite her nose, I think she was very exotic looking. but regardless people always used to make fun of her nose (even me) and say she was funny looking.

    this is a really good picture of her.

    Kirsten Dunst

    I have been watching her in movies since she was a little girl starting when I was a very very very young adult, and never would have thought that one day I would ever "fancy" (boy how you UK people love to use that word =P) her. most other guys I tell this laugh because they say she is so plain jane looking. however, I find her extremely attractive, and given the facts above I always feel weird about this since as a young adult I have been watching movies with her in them as a little girl.

    em (((Hugs))) and Jeff Goldbum is great, but I have seen him anything in a long time.

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    9 years ago

    Hmmm...i don't really fancy too many celebrities but i guess some that come to mind that are more shouldn't but maybe would are: Leonardo Dicaprio (in the movie Titanic) i thought looked kinda cute in his younger days However now that he's older he's gained quite a bit of weight and i find him to be very ugly now. Another one would be Brad Pitt in some movies but most of the time i'm not too fond of him either.

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