Are we to remain the space in which everything happens...?

watching it unfold, witnessing it without any attempt to stop or change what we judge as undesirable?

Fear is the root of rejecting or wanting to control outcomes. What if we set aside our fear-based judgments and remained open to life expressing through us...just as it comes without our interference (inter"fear"ance)? A bee stings, a child laughs, a market crashes, loves come and go, a success becomes a failure, a failure becomes a success, we are alone, we are surrounded by loved ones, it is hot, it is cold...nothing remains the same. Our feeble attempts to control our experiences are mere blips on the screen of existence. Best to watch as the storyline is laid out...what role are we to play next? Are we the scoundrel or the savior, the prince or the pauper, the innocent or the demented, the authority or the fool? We all want the hero roles, but then who will play the victim or the dastardly doer of devious deeds to our hero role? It is not for us to say...we are to be observers, quietly witnessing from the quiet stillness of silence. It is here, in this open, unassociated space that we will find our true Self...the pure and perfect essence that we are?

We are invited to be willing and joyful, but neutral, participants, while simultaneously observing the flow of life in all its magnificence...the good, the bad, the ugly (though these are human judgments based on the illusion of separation from Source that is limited, fractured, incomplete).

When we release all judgment, Grace will find us and return us to remembrance of our original and true nature as perfect and pure beings.

Are you simply the space or are you identified with the story and its outcomes?

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  • 9 years ago
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    look dude...

    Assalaamu Alaikum.

    WE are nothing but a little tiny boat on a very large ocean. Allahu A'lam.

    Best to pilot your boat in righteousness...

    so you don't end up like the Exxon Valdez.

    Set Hard aground on the rocks sir.!

    oh f.

    oh no. [selah]

    Go with God sir.

    In God We Trust

    American Promise to Allah.

    american amen. xx

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    good luck and keep it off the rocks sir. Insh'Allah.

    Source(s): Ephesians 5:14, 3:19; John 13:35, 8:32; Proverbs 3. some maps to keep your voyage safe insh'Allah. [Holy Qur'an] We testify THAT it is Perfect. [10:37]
  • 9 years ago

    Thy will be done. A few simple words that say a lot. I can agree with you to a large degree. Look at a novel. Sometimes a book can be so enthralling. We can't wait to see what will happen next. We are immersed in a story. Our lives are like that in many ways only we don't want to turn the page. We want to write the story of our life and of course we can add to the book but many of those words have already been written. It is those words we take issue with. In math there are variables, and there are unknowns. The variables usually have a value, only we can't readily see it. The unknowns are those values that we can make up as we go, call that free will. So in the equation of our lives, we have things we can contribute, but the vast majority of the equation has already been established. We can go with the flow, we can turn the page and plug in those variables we have control over, or we can fight, but the pages turn none the less. But it can also be said that we only get stronger through resistance. Think body builder or physical laborer. So a guy lifts bricks all day, his body does not want to lift bricks all day but it finally accepts lifting bricks all day. How does it do this? The resistance of the bricks causes the man to become stronger so that lifting the bricks is now easy for his body. Now when he lifts the bricks his exertion level is nothing so in effect he is doing nothing just like his body wants it. A certain level of resistance confirms participation. So we can take a seat on the bus and enjoy the ride or we can get behind the wheel, but one thing remains the same, the road. Ride or drive, the route is already established in many ways. Thanks Brother, have a good day.

  • taya
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    9 years ago

    Interesting indeed. The silent witness. You know something, I don't believe in absolutes. There is no such thing as an absolutely straight line. Nothing absolutely good, nothing absolutely bad. Nothing absolutely beautiful, nothing absolutely ugly. The witness cannot be, must not be, absolutely silent. He has a role to play. What is that role? That is the interesting part. That's what makes life meaningful, exciting. The soul is on a journey back to its origin, call it 'Godhead' if you wish. The drama (of creation) unfolding is the great teacher, the intellect is the one who watches, learns and makes the decisions. Well, so I suppose you have got to learn from creation and help your soul to fulfill its mission, to arrive at its destination. Not just be a silent witness, merely observing and doing nothing at all. Cheerio.

  • 9 years ago

    I can't give a meaningful explanation from my perspective in the space provided. (I'm going to have to consider setting up a blog or discussion forum or something.) But:

    I'll just write that I think bees are great. I got stung by one once when I was young. I trod on the edge of a nest. I've had seven in the garden in the last few days. I've cupped three in my hands. They co-create spring.

    It's not a race. Judgement of judgement would be the toughest judgement to crack. And we are in the flow, like the bees are. Judgement can mean different things. There is discernment that can recognise judgement in it's place on a path with mercy and love and caring with that.

    It is love, creation, enlightenment, experience, wisdom etc, that all come from source through us and can be reflected between us. This is all lifting stuff, that is reinforced by both those and the opposites. So it's always guiding to release negative judgements, because those are consequence of subconscious reflections, judging self and other at the same time and that goes back and forth. It's in seeing the place of that in journeys, and how it's moved beyond, that we are discerning rather than judging and see that it all gets moved beyond. If people are locked on either side of a fence of judgement, they often find it hard to believe that it's possible to be on neither one side or the other, but in favour of moving beyond judgement instead and letting things fit and harmonise, instead of continuation of judgement and competition and conflict between the opposing sides.

    As a simple example, a circle with a diameter has two halves. If someone stands in half of it and doesn't understand the other half, and the same with the other half similarly, they don't notice that t's a reflection, because they are looking from a different place. If we get beyond that and see the whole circle, then we appear even more wrong to others from both sides. So we are each on our own hero's journey to move beyond that. There are so many dimensions and ways of dividing a multidimensional sphere, that hardly anyone notices that there is no distance between the centre and the outside. they are just standing near the surface without noticing the centre from which love flows. They don't know that the whole sphere is all one and that the surface is all one. And so they stand on the outside judge and attempt to divide the surface for a while unless and until they recognise that something isn't working right and are guided back. But we know that if we are not doing that and returning to source and remaining open to experience and awareness integrating all instead without judgement, then the majority from all conceivable angles will insist that the world isn't like this and there is something wrong with us and we are potentially the targets to get physically ripped apart from all sides of every imaginary fence.

    It's not a race. So while we have our space and time, others need their space and time as well. Discernment, is judgement in a way, but is from a place of seeing the place judgement in experience and evolution, with mercy and caring and love. This is something of the grace that comes from source, that is with us whatever happens, even if we can't feel it at certain times. From a perception from source, which reaches through the centre of our being there is beauty manifested and perceived all around. But that's not a physical kind of perception. It's much deeper than that. And we are still in the flow and co-creators in it's manifestation as it reaches and spreads through us. This is gentle lifting stuff and not a demand, but it is active not just neutral. It is just that it's in silence and stillness that it comes through. We can be to some degree in this receptive state and active at the same time, like walking in both worlds at once.

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  • 9 years ago

    We can be anything we want.

    Life is like an interactive game on a CD or play-station. The different endings to the game are already preloaded. Whichever way you play the game, the end is already predetermined.

    Or imagine this life like watching a movie in a theatre.

    The movie is unrolling as per plan (according to the script), the ending is also inevitable.

    As long as we know it is a movie, we can sit back and enjoy, but the moment we imagine that we are part of the movie, that it everything should happen as per our choice, then we are destined to suffer.

    Or think as we are actors in the movie and the director is the creator of this movie. Everything, from the script to the screenplay to the actors has been done. We have to just play the part given to us.

    As long as we surrender to will of the director, we shall be content. The moment we try to change the dialogues of the script to suit ourselves, we are in trouble.

    Or lastly, imagine this universe is one big Philharmonic. As long as we our eyes are on the Conductor, we shall play in perfect symphony. The moment we take the eyes off and look elsewhere, we shall be kicked and abused and cursed by others playing sweet music with their eyes on the Conductor.

  • 9 years ago

    True leaning begins when we become the observer rather than the apparent doer. We constantly set into motion the waves of experience without recognizing the karmic responses playing out. In the calmness within we discover our higher nature and cease to disrupt the joy, peace and clarity that are inherent as the Substance of Creation. From that perspective we are able to live as Masters rather than as servants of the senses and under the judgements and harsh laws of mortality. But we are compelled to act by the nature of our accumulated karma and it is upon us to choose the correct response that will set us free rather than further bind us.

    As is taught by the Masters, We use the good thorn to remove the bad thorn that has pierced our flesh and then we throw both thorns away.


  • Erin
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    4 years ago

    You would keep moving at the velocity the spacecraft was moving at, until you hit something, were captured by the gravitational field of some object in a way that put you into an orbit, or fell into a star or black hole.

  • 9 years ago

    The same thing which you are talking about, about watching theworld as a witness, this I can say in a different way, well, whatever you say about being a witness would make our lives more blissful etc is correct.

    We think, some think more, some think less. Usually people are under the impression that the more you think, the more are your intellectual capabilities and the more of a genius you are. Some think less, and believe me people who think less(People who has less thoughts, and can control their thoughts) usually are more happy, cheerful and complete human beings. Instead of asking to be a witness of the world, instead of asking us to control experiences etc I mean whatever you say Sirius is 100% valid, but instead you can ask us to think less, have less thoughts, a simple mind.

    Thinking less is of paramount importance. It is even better not to think at all, just do things. This is what I believe. And believe me you can overcome lots of pain like this.

  • 9 years ago

    Being the space is kinda boring. Identify with the the Grand Story; but eschew identification with the Ego-Delusions and the Cult of the Self-Important Self.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes. We are the space ultimately. If what you describe as space is what my idea of a space is, which is that which contains we all in form less form settled in ultimate destination after many births and deaths and after our return back to the source. The source is nothingness, space, within which dwells everything not in material form but in spiritual formless form like a cloud in the sky, like oxygen in the atmosphere, invisible, not seen but still present, with intelligence, will and power to manifest in form at Will.

  • 9 years ago

    i am still identified with few stories :)

    in order to become space, one has to move out from mind.

    dear i ask you, without mind, can we survive?

    ego is a mechanism of identification. every thought is egoistic in nature at some degree.

    even a thought of surrendering, even a thought of loving, even a thought of living, is a part of ego, no matter how wonderful they sound. In thought level, you can imagine of a heaven on earth, you can imagine of helping others, but thought is merely a ego.

    mind is a mechanism of desiring.The mind needs the future in order to move. It can move either in the past or in the future. It cannot move in the present; there is no space. The truth is in the present, and mind is always in the future or in the past, so there is no meeting between mind and truth.

    mind, thoughts and ego , all are same and one. but true self is above from these things.

    when thinking and action become one, clearly saying, when you act without thinking, then your every act become meditation for you, then your every moment becomes a prayer for you.

    i have tasted my pure being, and still i am identified with my mind, but if i try to taste it again, i don't need to make efforts.

    your question has inspired me to move to space again.

    thank you for your wonderful question, i think it is more than a question


    (mind is so clever that it makes space itself an object. the desire has come back again from the back door.)

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