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Great computer for gaming and long last?

Looking to get a PC to have as a primary computer and get some gaming in. I want to be able to run games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and eventually Diablo 3 on the highest detail, but, of course, I want to pay as little as possible, as I already have a laptop. I also want this to be a long term investment so I can use it for my documents and music programs. I know little to nothing about computers so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Would this be good for what I need? Too much? Too little?

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    The PC you listed is a workstation PC that is used primarily for running business applications. Therefore it has a large amount of memory and a fast processor, but a very very weak graphics card. That thing will struggle really bad playing 3 year old games, let alone those you mention.

    If you want the best value for money gaming PC you can get for $1000, then look here.

    That $1000 PC will max out all games for atleast 2 years. Also it would be a good idea to upgrade the hard drive if you intend to store a lot of work/music on it.

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    That thing has an 8400GS, which is a laughably awful video card considering the specs on the rest of that thing.

    In any case, you're really doing it wrong. 16GB of RAM? Massive overkill. 4GB is enough. Get 8GB if you want to be on the safe side. In addition, socket 1366 i7s are a little past their prime. Not that they're bad by any stretch, but you can get an i7 2600k or even an i5 2500k that will come out ahead of an i7 900 series in gaming.

    Here's a rough idea of the specs you should look for:

    i7 or i5 2000-series CPU

    4GB to 8GB RAM

    P67 or Z68 chipset motherboard

    1TB+ hard drive

    Radeon 6950 or Geforce GTX 560 Ti or better

    Bear in mind that any gaming computer built today will be middling at best in three years, so don't think that you're going to be playing games at max settings for that long.

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    This is good, except for a few minor things. Scroll down to the customization and change the DDR3 DUAL/TRIPLE CHANNEL RAM from 16GB to 8GB (2x4). 16GB is overkill, and this will save you some money. Also, change the hard drive to one with at least 7200 RPM. You need a fast hard drive if you want to run games. Thirdly, scroll down to the video card and choose the GTX 550 Ti or above. If you want to game you need a good video card. Upgrade the Power Supply to something at least 600W if not more, you'll need that if you want to upgrade your video card later on, or add a second one. Lastly, you might want an operating system on there, and if you don't have a monitor/keyboard/mouse, you should obviously get those too. With this setup, you'll be able to max out those games and have room for upgrades in the future.

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    Gaming computers final as long simply by fact the motherboard isn't out of date. build a working laptop or pc with a suitable of the line motherboard, despite if your areas are not as solid. Your motherboard will then be waiting to settle for areas for a protracted time (processors excluded) except there's a important boost in a definite technologies, which will nonetheless not make your mobo thoroughly out of date.

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    It's all about the video card. you want an i5 2500K and a GTX 560 Ti or 6950 minimum.

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