human hair lace wig questionnns?

iffffff i buy a human lace wig that is curly then straighten then wash it will it go back curly or stay straight?

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  • 9 years ago
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    First of all, if you buy a human hair wig with a lace foundation or lace hairline you do not want to abuse it in any way. The lace will rip A lace or french lace base should be handled with care. A good wig shanmpoo and conditioner is needed. If you want to straighten the hair by just using a warm roller set or a cool blow drying thats fine. Also use a good wig brush on it. do not use any chem icals or dyes on it. The human hair is already processed and you will ruin it. Did you try one of the the better synthetic wigs, they are beautiful and do not fade in the sunlight like human hair. Try some on and see if you like them. Some are even partly human and partly synthetic. There great. You need some soft curl in a wig to make it natural. Just get one that is a body wave curl. Hope this helps you, Good luck.

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    4 years ago

    Human hair wigs allow for a more natural appearance, whether it’s for every day use or for a stage play. However, when it comes to caring for the wig, just because it’s real hair does not mean you treat it like the hair on your head. Make sure that you are keeping the hair in one direction and moving your hand from base to the ends of the hair, to avoid knots and tangles. Do not rub or scrub. Next, using cool water, rinse thoroughly each time. Then wrap the wig in a towel, squeeze most of the water out, shake the wig twice, and spray it with leave-in conditioner. Do not rinse out. Brush very gently, using a hair pick or wire brush. Style it on your styrofoam mannequin head. Wig maybe set in rollers and placed under a dryer or left overnight to dry.

  • 9 years ago


    for human hair lace wigs, if you buy a curly one, then straighten it, then it will be straight style, so even you wash it, it will still stay in straight, kindly note!

    Good luck!


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