Looking for good songs!!?

Every day, I like to do stretches and dance around for fun. I would love love love to have a great playlist I can listen to while I'm doing this that I can put on my iPod. I'm thinking something along the lines of the song Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls. Of course, I'm generally very open when it comes to music, so if you have something different in mind I would love to hear your suggestion. I would appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    where do i begin haha!!

    *** like that--eminem

    according to you--vanessa amorosi

    alive--natasha basingtwaighte

    any man of mine--shania twain

    are you gonna be my girl--jet (my fav)

    around the world--(i dunno sorry)

    around the world--daft punk

    bananza (belly dancer)--akon

    bang bang bang--mark ronson & the buisiness intl

    be faithful--fatman scoop

    be italian--fergie

    beat it--fall out boy

    like its her birthday--good charlotte

    birthday sex--jerimih

    blah blah blah--kea$ha

    bleed it out--linkin park


    blue (club radio edit)--89ers & rimini rockaz

    boom boom pow--black eyed peas



    bounce--sarah conner

    bring me to life--evanescence

    going under--evanescence

    burn--jessica mauboy

    buttons--pussycat dolls

    call me--hayley

    candy man--christina aguilera

    cha cha slide (radio edit)--Mr c

    cooler than me--mike posner

    crazy in love--beyonce

    cyclone--baby bash

    dirty picture--taio cruz

    dirty talk--wynter gordon

    do you wanna ****--byz

    dont cha--pussy cat dolls

    E.T--katy perry

    evacuate the dancefloor--cascada


    freak me--another level

    i love you--tila tequilla


    follow me down--3OH!3

    forever--chris brown

    pon de replay--rihanna

    get the party started--pink

    girlfriend--avril lavingne

    go girl--pitbull

    god is a dj--piink

    hips dont lie--shakira

    hot--avril lavingne

    how many lick--lil kim

    i like it--enique iglesias

    im a slave for you--britney spears

    if i had you--adam lambert

    in my head--jason derulo

    hey ya--outkasts

    it wasnt me--shaggy

    keeps gettin better--christina aguilera

    la tortura--shakira

    la la la--auburn

    lady marmalade--christina aguilera

    lalala girl--paffendorf

    lets get it started--black eyed pease

    like a g6--far east movement

    london bridge--fergie


    love the way you lie--eminem

    shake that--eminem

    low--flo rida

    right round--flo rida

    mambo no. 5--lou bega

    maneater--nelly furtado

    me and you--cassiemurder on the dancefloor--sophie ellis-bextor

    my first kiss-3OH!3

    my humps--black eyed peas

    pump it--black eyed peas



    on the floor--jennifer lopez

    one more time--daft punk (must get)

    one two step--ciara

    pretty fly for a white guy--the offspring

    push up--freestylers

    rock this party--bob sinclar & cutee B


    sex on the radio--good charlotte

    last night--good charlotte

    sexy silk--jessica cornish

    shake it--metro station


    switch--will smith

    take it off--kea$ha

    technologic--daft punk

    telephone--lady gaga

    tik tok--kea$ha

    too close--blue

    up/down--jessica mauboy

    video phone--beyonce

    welcome to the club--manian

    what you waiting for--qwen stiffani

    whine up--kat deluna

    your night--DJ roland kenzo

    gosh, hope this helps :P happy dancing

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    I want to apologize afore hand, for my typing overkill.

    Dubstep: Gold Guns Girls (Soundkeepers Remix) - Metric,

    Curtains (Dubba Jonny Remix) - 7 Keys,

    Blue - Gemini,

    & Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix) - Freestylers; To properly listen to Dubstep I highly advise using a quality sound system or headphones. Skull Candys will suffice, though if you have money (& possibly excess limbs) to spare I recommend you buy something more akin to Dr. Dre's Beats or any quality headphones of the like.

    House: Anything by Deadmau5, especially I Remember by him & Kaskade,

    Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix) - Phoenix, I'm Not Alone (Taku Takahashi Remix) - Calvin Harris, & Forever ft Will.I.Am - Wolfgang Gartner

    These songs are sometimes progressive meaning they take their time getting to the final result. Many people don't at first recognize this and perceive this to be repetitive, so if your not used to this kind of music, please, give it a chance! Also this is the genre of the best club music!

    Soft Rock: I really like Phoenix. Particularly 'Everything is Everything'

    D'n'B: Eyes Closed - Netsky, As the Sun Goes Down (Drum and Bass Mix) - InContext,

    & Just One Second (Apex Remix) - London Elektricity

    Fast paced, yet often times relaxing.

    These are just a few genres and songs that I like, and if you're anything like me & and love to hear new music try internet radio sites like Pandora radio, Grooveshark, or Last.fm. Completely free!

    ~ If you like those you can always see my account on Grooveshark. Just search sol3ba22c0nduct0r and afterwards click the people button and you'll be able to see my list of 700+ songs (Always Growing!) Once again I apologize for any eye strain due to the length of my response.

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  • Dancing is fun :) lol

    Dance, Dance- Fall out boy

    Eastern Jam- Chase and Status

    My Goodies- Ciara

    My Hump- Black Eyed Peas

    usher- little freak

    Maroon 5- makes me wonder

    You rock my world- Michael Jackson

    Hope this helped :).... Stay Gold.

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    4 years ago

    Happy Day by means of Destiny's Child I Will Survive by means of Gloria Gaynor - It's kinda historical however its special Golden by means of Jill Scott Video by means of India.Arie Superwoman by means of Alicia Keys simply to call a couple of.....

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