how has been created United Nations Security Council?

where could I find some texts explaining how the Security Council has been created like this: only 5 states with each 1 vote? why these 5 states? what is the matter with their nuclear power? ...

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  • 9 years ago
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    The United Nations was created in 1945 after the League of Nations failed to prevent World War 2. The United Nations was created originally mostly by the United States and unlike the League of Nations where they didn't join out of fear being drawn into more wars.

    The five states, the permanent seats of the council, who have not only voting powers but Veto abilities because they were the original allies of World War 2. If every country had the same abilities as these five, more then likely nothing would get done because the permanent seats have the abilities to Veto any vote.

  • 9 years ago

    It was created in 1945, nothing is wrong with nuclear power if you are into it, five states are enough to vote and here are all the details on how the council works; It's your world and the UN is a work of Genius, have and read and I am sure you wil agree.

  • 3 years ago

    The UN's ability lies interior the international locations at the back of it. The UN is a physique that may no longer out to be effective or dictate words to different worldwide places ... in spite of each little thing u . s . does this sort of sh&t job at this. The UN has no criminal authority except a usa signs and indications off on a legally binding checklist made up with the aid of the UN (and then the UN can basically prosecute with the aid of criminal channels), because of the fact as reported earlier the UN can basically have ability if the worldwide places at the back of it help the UN. subsequently why the UN has no ability over Israel ... because of the fact the u . s . the main important participant interior the UN is aligned very heavily in the direction of Israel. additionally the different worldwide places that are effective interior the UN, do no longer decide for to reveal this ability throughout the UN yet extremely with the aid of their very own sovereignty (little bit of a political game). ultimately, look on the historic previous between those 2 fractions and the final hatred for Israel in Arabia ... you assume them to basically agree because of the fact the UN says so ... what's the UN to do? Bomb them out of existence (bit too American for my liking)

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