Whats going on with him?? Why did he do this??!!?

When im around this guy(jason), he acts stiff and awkward.I catch him sometimes stealing shy glances at me.

He kept mocking one of his team mates about a trick he couldn't do in football for 15mins, when i said it was hard he then agreed with me, he said ' i suppose it is hard yeah'.He agrees with some other of my opinions too.

Me and his guy friend asked him a question at the same time.He answered his friend first.I was just looking at him, and he said very awkwardly ' i was going to answer his first and then yours' smiling at me. I get on really well with one of his good mates that he seemed very annoyed about.Once i needed to use his phone, i went into a message from his gf at the time by a mistake and never closed out of it,when i gave back the phone he was smiling at me. Another time he called me good girl smiling at me.

Once he asked ' how many bags on my back sarah?' when i answered 2 or 3, he was like ' 2 or 3, 2 or 3, which one is it gonna be??' chanting in my face

I stretched my arms out four times before in his company when i was sitting down( my body goes everywhere when i stretch lol), and he was staring at me with a annoyed expression on his face lol

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  • 9 years ago
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    The problem with trying to figure out how someone feels about you is that you can never be sure and so many signs can be taken both ways. I will try to answer this as best as I can and hope that you can figure it out. Maybe all you need is a confidence booster, but you really should just talk to him and be open and ask him how he feels, or better yet, let your mate know that you like his friend/ ask if he knows whether he's interested in anyone at the moment or not, and if he thinks he'd be interested in you...

    - stiff and awkward= normally good. It might mean that he just doesn't know how to act around you... If he likes you he might not want to do something 'wrong' so might refrain from doing anything at all. Normally especially if he is 'awkward'. The only way it woudl be bad is if he knew you liked him but he didn't like you and so he felt awkward around you. Don't think so though.

    -stealing shy glances at me= Also normally means he likes you.

    -He agrees with some other of my opinions too.-> if a guy will change his oppinion or contradict himself to agree with you, it normally means he likes you. if he was chidding his mate cause he was innept, take it as a good sign as its another way for him to show off- by making fun of someone for not being able to do something impressive he is impressing you or anyone around by saying, in other words, that he can. Also if he is often willing to contradict himself and swallow his words, he probably likes you as that can be a tough thing for a guy to do.

    - Another time he called me good girl smiling at me.= As for the phone, smiling thing- if he was to like you, he would be happy to have an oppertunity to play the knight in shinning armor and sweep to your rescue, he'd want to be able to have you need him; its a primal instinct. as for the teasing thing, well I've had guys that I both, get along with well as friends, and that liked me, call me and tease me in such ways. Heck! I've even teased guys that I liked saying things like "Who's a good boy!" Or "Ada boy!" like I was talking to a dog.

    I dont know what to say about the weird expression. I often have to strech when I've been sitting down for a while, or after a lot of exercise or dancing the night before. As a dancer I'm rather flexible, and like you, I don't generally have much regard for other people when I need to stretch. It can be soo uncomfortable and I just need to do whatever I can to get comfy again! I remember on one particular six hour train ride, I needed to crack my back soo badly but had no way to do it except to slide all the way down my seat so that my back was making a right angle, and I slide farther down each time to crack each verdibrae. I got a lot of weird looks. In fact, whenever I so much as sit on the floor with my legs spread to a point that wouldn't even be near a stretch, or even with my legs 'criss cross apple sauce' I'll get strange looks because such flexibility is just... astounding for men. Also, it can be quite a turn on, or so I'm told. Seeing a woman stretch, and expose her self, in a more vulnerable state, can really affect guys for some reason. I'd take it as a good sign.

    Good luck in all your endeavors with this.. footballer :)

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    9 years ago

    Based on all this, he's got to be bipolar or something. Or just having an emotionally dynamic life right now. But he seems to like you. Or... He doesn't. Sorry, but there's always a negative side. But if he does like you, then just wait and see what happens. He might come around, and if he does, you're set.

    Good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    He likes you!!!

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