What is the purpose of the European Union?

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    The purpose of the European Union is to promote pan-europeanism ( european Integration and a general feeling of unity of europeans similar to the way Americans and British people may feel about their own nationality). It also functions as a type of government.

    Heres how it works;

    1. The European people elect through universal suffrage the European Parliament which made up of various pan-european political parties. The Europeans also elect an executive of government.

    2. The European has a wide variaty of powers and functions most of which are economic. For example the European Central Bank regulates the euro and european money supply in a similar manner to the federal reserve bank of the united states. Free trade and open boarder policy alows for goods and services to travel quickly through Europe. VAT Taxes help establish a source of revenue which allows the European Union to assist and run itself. The European common defense policy is designed to protect Europeans from war and provide for peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. The EU enacts legislation on justice ( and enforces consistutional law and human rights through the EU court of justice)and home affairs and is designed to also protect member states human rights. It enacts energy policy as well as infenstructure development and regulation, polices on agriculture, education, and enviromental polices.

    Source(s): American former resident of EU, had to study EU for school also shown a deTocquevilie-like interest in the EU.
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    European Union Purpose

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    What is the purpose of the European Union?

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    It is an economic union designed to compete with the United States

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