Could someone critique my essay idea for regulating educators? 10 points!?

I have to write an essay for government. The question states: If you were President, and most of the House and Senate belonged to your party (thus, making passage of any law almost a shoe-in), what law would you encourage/pass and why?

I chose to enact an "Educator's Regulation Act". Some provisions of the act are as follows:

Educators Regulation Act

• Federal government assumes responsibility for teacher certification/testing in all 50 states (effectively making teachers government employees), rather than allowing it to continue to be a state responsibility.

• Federal government would abolish “state” standards, and teachers would follow a united “national” curriculum for each grade level and subject.

• Teachers are required to take a test in their respective subjects every three years. Tests will also include questions on classroom technique and concepts. In addition to tests, teachers are to be observed (once) by a third party during classroom instruction (this third party will most likely be a representative from the U.S. Department of Education) every 5 years.

• Teachers who fail either the tests or observation will be put on a one-year probation period. After one year, the teacher must be tested (or observed) again. If he/she fails a second time, termination will result. Teachers will be allowed to teach during the one-year probationary period.

• Grants will be given to colleges/universities who offer “refresher” courses to teachers who fail the test or observation.

• A percentage of student loans will be forgiven every time a teacher successfully passes both the test and the observation. There is no limit to how much will be forgiven.

• The observation (performed by the independent third party) is at the discrepancy of the third-party representative, and can be as short as one class, or as long as an entire day. The teacher is not to be told when the observation will occur.

• A teacher who passes both the test and observation will automatically have his/her teaching license renewed. No fees are required for the test, observation, or automatic renewal of the teaching license.

• The concept of tenure will be abolished. Teachers essentially renew their contract when they successfully pass both the test and observation. Teachers can also opt to leave at any time during the course of their career.

• Principals must make teacher passage rates available to the public.

• This act only applies to teachers. Thus, state governments still regulate a majority of their educational system.

• Since teachers are federal employees, their jobs and salaries are assured (no need to worry about losing jobs due to budget changes).

• Principals (in addition to the third-party observers) reserve the right to request additional testing or observation if concern arises.

• Collective bargaining rights will be encouraged through a Federal Teacher’s Union. Unions will be required to follow the U.S. Federal Code.

• Teachers who pass both the test and observation 2 consecutive times will be offered a 2% merit raise (in addition to any other mandatory raises based on education, time, etc).

I'm targeting this question towards teachers.Is there anything you would like to see changed/added. Are there any provisions you disagree with? Why?

Thank you for all of your help!

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