where is alternative dispute resolution center in Pakistan?

I would like to know is there is any alternative dispute resolution center in Pakistan? If it is so then please provide me details of it.

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    10 years ago
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    There are very few alternative dispute resolution (ADR) & Mediation Centers in Pakistan. One of renowned is KCDR. This center is located in Karachi.


    D-9/5 Park Lane, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.

    for further information about mediation in Pakistan visit "Research and media" section on kcdr website you will find very useful articles and materials you needed.

    Source(s): www.kcdr.org
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    4 years ago

    i think of of you have already responded your very own question. The examples you listed that should desire to in no way pass to ADR are all offender concerns. very virtually all forms of civil claims could be observed ADR. the thought is that having the events negotiate and are available up with their very own answer is larger effectual than having a answer imposed by ability of the courts. Courts unquestionably have a good interest in controlling the variety of situations on their docket. Judges will consistently motivate events to settle their very own situations, with the purpose to keep the courtroom docket's time and components.

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