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i need help recital in a few days?

so i have my dance recital this sunday. there is 2 shows on the same day. im in 8 dances the first show and 9 e second. next year i will be in about 15 each show. no primers please but how should i do my makeup? no eyeshadow either. our hair must be in a bun tips for keeping it this way? im getting tips from cvs. the glue on kind what brand and design?

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    I agree with the person above me....that's a lot of dances, but kudos!

    Eyes: If you're wearing stage makeup, I think you should at least have a little bit of eyeshadow. Nothing fancy, just neutral colors that will enhance your natural beauty. When I did competitions, I used a beige shadow as a base, a dark brown for my crease, and a white for the highlight. It's really not a lot, but it helps to not wash your face out under the lights! Use a simple black eyeliner and go in your top and bottom lash lines. Some people put their liner on the water lines of their bottom lashes, but I would just stick with right underneath your lashes. Use some black mascara on both your bottom and top lashes to make your eyes pop even more. Our studio would always recommend that you wear fake eyelashes too, but I think that's a little much.

    Face: Wash before you put makeup on, and just try a little bit of foundation just to cover up any flaws and give your skin an even tone. It doesn't have to be caked on, but this will (again) help to keep your face from being washed out under the lights! Use some blush correlated to your skin tone (pink for fair, peach for medium, etc) on the apples of your cheeks and then use your fingers to blend it all in.

    Lips: Put some lip balm on and use a red or pink-ish lipstick (the lip balm helps it to stay on and keeps it from flaking). Put one coat of lipstick on, use a tissue to blot, and then put on another coat. Some people use a lipliner too, so you can keep that in consideration.

    Bun: I always did my hair right after I got out of the shower, so my hair was soaking wet. Use a lot of gel (I liked Garnier Fructis's hair feels like glue but it really works!) to pull your hair back in a ponytail. Once you have that secured, wind it up in a coil and use a ton of hairpins (hairpins are a little wider than bobby pins and hold your hair more securely). Once you're done, use a hairnet correlated to your hair color and wrap it around your bun, using more hairpins to keep it in place. Take a can of hairspray and attack your hair from all angles, trying to eliminate any and all flyaways. If you have bangs or short layers, use regular bobby pins to hold them away from your face.

    It's a good idea to bring extra hairpins, gel, hairspray, and a brush with you to your recital, along with your makeup kit for retouching. I'd try to retouch definitely after the first show, and if you have any sort of break in the show as well. The key to good hair and makeup in dance is reapplying and retouching, because you sweat it all off! Keep a fan and a roll of paper towels (for blotting off the sweat!) in your dressing room to help keep everything under control!

    As for the fake nails, I can't help you. We weren't allowed to have them for shows or competitions, so I just always filed mine and put a coat of clear polish on to make them look nice.

    Good luck at your recital and I hoped I could have helped!

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    Woah! 17 is a lot of pieces to dance in one day, I bet hard to learn too. Is it a big theatre/auditorium or small theatre/auditorium. The farther you are from the audience the more makeup you should wear.

    I doubt you have to wear a lot of stage makeup since I am guessing this is a yearly dance studio recital.

    EYes- You said no eyeshadow but I will mention just eye makeup in general. Do not wear blue or purple eye makeup especially a lot of it. It can make you look like you have a black eye. Which I'm guessing is not a look your going for. Eyeliner is an optional thing but it can make your eyes look bigger, also mascara.

    Lips- For the lips. You can use lipstick or a thick lip gloss if you rather not use lipstick, pick a color that is pink/red (aside from the brown ones) but not too bright. Lipliner is a totally optional thing and personally I never use it.

    Face- Before the show and before you apply the makeup wash your face to get rid of unneeded oils. You can put on blush if you want too to help make your cheeks more noticeable. If you have pimples and don't want them there as your dancing use concealer and/or remember to use pimple cream and wash your face everyday.

    For your hair. I don't want to sell anything to you and it may not come in time but I recommend Hairagami it's pretty easy to use.

    - Remember to use hairspray for the extra hairs.

    I think it's hard to explain in writing how to make a bun so here's a youtube tutorial link below-

    Youtube thumbnail


    DO you mean pointe shoe glue??? I'm confused about your last question.

    Hope I helped!!!


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