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Tell me about the most embarrassing thing you or your friends have said on social media?

Hi, I’m Daniel Sloss, Scottish comedian and I’m doing some work for New Yahoo! Mail to help launch their Generation 140 campaign. Generation 140 is us - the generation that has more ways of staying in touch with each other and the world than ever before. Our generation are demanding in how we communicate – we want it all, and we want it now. That is where new Yahoo! Mail comes in – it is a one stop shop for everything to you want to communicate on email and social media.

So that’s me – now I need something from you – I’d like to ask you a few questions about your email and social media experiences...


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    Me and my friend on Twitter decided to stalk one of my teachers as a different name, well a really bad name i think it was something like Yasmin Fletcher. Anyway we added him and said he was fit and asked him out, he said YES! We were laughing my heads off but the next day on the school bulletin board it had the pictures of us with a love heart of the teacher and we were made to stand out in front of the whole year in assembly!

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    I think there are always good & bad sides on anything. So every thinking has always two approaches. I think social media is useful in the sence that if we are doing some research for the uplift of mankind. Rest if we are just engaged in consuming our time in the unimportant tasks then that is pure wastage of time, money & enery.

    Always be specified in your approach to use the social media.


    Prof. Rajesh Kumar

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    Well I used to practically live on Facebook; but, now I am completely off of it. I got told off way too many times for me.

    The most embarrassing thing I did was talk about why I wanted a divorce.

    My ex husband on the other hand had numerous accounts, each with a relationship with a different person. He did a bunch of other weird things too.

    SOCIAL MEDIAL - DRAMA. Who needs it?

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    My mother who is 60 years old and not very computer literate, loves to play games on her computer, so I got her set up on Facebook so she could start playing all the games there.. which was fine and good until she started posting to my wall random things she wanted to talk to me about since I moved away, instead of emailing me directly she posted how she had gotten sick and started discussing her female problems.(now mind you, her and I are very close and we talk about everything.. in person) . she went into quite the detail.. the worst part was i was not able to see the post for almost 2 days as I was out of town.. the comments that my friends posted were quite funny though. but I was very embarrassed and quickly explained to my mother what NOT to post to someones wall.. a few days later, she told me how a couple of her friends sent her emails regarding the same type of message she had posted to their walls as well.. those people however were not as nice about their posts.. she has now learned to only send private messages and not post to peoples walls. lol

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    8 years ago

    Tells you how good of a comedian he is he finds his material on yahoo answers... If u get tickets to see this joker as a practical joke sell it to an old person aare a retarded person they will pay dollar to see dan sloss

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    My very embarrassing friend posted on my wall a post which had code names, how cool were we, of the two boys I fancied at that time. Another boy in my year saw through those code names and posted their real names, it was up there for half an hour. I have both guys as friends on facebook then had to sit through an excruciatingly embarrassing day at school the next day. I was utterly mortified and still cringe about it now.

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    K, so I go on this website where people can post messages on other people's pages. So, I was doing this forward thing and I just copied and pasted the thing onto everyone's page. So my friends boyfriend posted this really sweet message on her page and I copied and pasted it and saved it on my computer. I copied and pasted what I thought was the forward onto her page and it was actually the sweet message! So I tried to cover it up and I wrote another one that said that's so sweet what he wrote but now she thinks I'm a stalker! Ohh welll.

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    My friend asked if he should get a subway (eat fresh) tattoo on his chest because that's where he works. The worst part if even after about 20 people telling him it is a really bad idea, he is still going to go through with it! He thinks it will be "gangsta" lol. Idiot.

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    Oh my god seriously, the like actual worst moment of my life..........

    I am a 19yr old female.

    Ok, so, i was feeling a little bit randy one night and started to watch some porn, nothing wrong in that! I am very fussy on what i watch and came across this amazing video, it was so good that i had to send the link to my very close male friend (who was my long long ago ex) and anyways, he had a profile picture of him and his dad, which looked remarkably like my actual dads profile picture. It was like 2am right so anyway i was on my dad page on fbook, typed in my friends name, looked away and done something else, come back to computer and clicked send message, put in the title "THIS IS SOOO HOT" pasted in the link then click send.

    I didnt think anything of it until i got a message from my dad which read 'why are you looking at this filth! You are 19! You have a boyfriend! I'm going to have words with you when i next see you"


    When i next saw him for like the awkwardest moment of my life.


    "Getting some error on facebook


    I am getting some errors after login page.. there is not coming my profile page.


    I sawing some security question which i unable to answers..

    so what can i do for soul this problem..? "

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    I made the mistake of drunk facebooking my classic drunken quote....

    Scenario- On the bus after a night out desp needing the loo and facebooked and posted to my friend "Do you think the bus driver will stop and let me have a wee?"

    Friend "No Laura"

    "Well, ok....dya think he'll stop and let me have half a wee then?"

    Friend "No Laura"

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