Activities to work with a 1 year old autistic child?

The child that I babysit is, more than likely, Autistic. Although they can't get in to get evalutated until August, she's showing all the signs. Are there any activities that I can do with her to help her out? Maybe something to help her begin to talk, stop the tantrums, etc. ? Thanks!


She's already had her hearing checked. She will be two next month. She is showing all the signs of Autism. I agree that it is too young for a for sure diagnosis, but I don't agree that means that it isn't there.

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    Idk what planet dumpling works on, but I'm a nurse too, and here autism is diagnosed accurately 60% of the time in 12 month olds. Neuro makes the call usually, and did so accurately in my son at 9 months old. He is now turning 6 and considered HFA, in an autism program so he's got an educational diagnosis of autism (since 2.5 yrs when he entered the program) and a medical autism diagnosis since 9 months old.

    My 10 yr old was diagnosed on the later side with autism at 25 months old. MOST kids are diagnosed around their 2nd birthday which is exactly when my third son was diagnosed autistic.

    Show her objects and try to get her to identify them by looking or reaching. Give a choice of 2. So duck and block for example.

    Pick cause and effect toys like the toy with 5 doors, and you turn, push, slide to have them pop open. A simple shape sorter, and cover the other slots, just work on circle. Work on reaching up, to put in, so basketball (for trunk motor development), a rocking horse.

    To stop tantrums, try blowing bubbles, place her on your lap and tip her backward so she is upside down. Try sqwishing her gently with a pillow, tight hugs, wrap her in a blanket and swing her around, swings (these are all sensory processing organizing activities).

    the hand songs are excellent!

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    First of all she is 1 year old. Many 1 year olds are not that verbal until 2 to 3 years old.

    Start with those child rhyming songs.

    Patty Cake, Patty Cake bakers man... sit behind her and do the rolling of the dough

    I am a little tea pot nice 'n short... hear is my spout (pretend you are a tea pot ready to pour tea)

    Twinkle Twinkle little star.... pretend with your hands your hands are the stars falling down

    Tantrums could be teething. (more of a dental thing)

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    1 year old is far to young to diagnose autism,is her hearing ok,i dont live in USA where they stick a label on everything,

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