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Why does no one respect Michael Schumacher for who he is?

Michael Schumacher is the best F1 Driver who ever has lived! My question is why all these ppl try to put his name in vain, could it be because there jealous? I just want a couple opinions!

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    I think the main reason is it gives them an angle to sell their story. He was retired 3 years and came back to partner a team mate who is probably one of the fastest and most underrated in Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton said Rosberg alongside Alonso and Vettel were the fastest in F1 today. Yet a 42 year old Schumacher is just a fraction behind him in speed at the minute.

    Two of the most common accusations against Schumacher

    He always had the best car, probably the most ridiculous accusation by people who know nothing about Formula One.

    Schumacher won championship with the Benneton in 1994 and 1995 when the Williams was the best car.

    He went to Ferrari in 1996 when the car was complete rubbish and they hadn't won the championship since Jodie Scheckter in 1979! He first won championship at Ferrari in 2000 when it could be argued McLaren still had a better car.

    It is likely he has had the best car in 4 out of 17 years in Formula One!

    The other accusation was his team mate wasn't allowed to race him

    It wasn't that he was gifted number one status in the team it's because he was 90% of time massively quicker. It made no sense to race each other on maybe one or two tracks a year were his team mate had an edge.

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    In truth, I don't think you can label him "the best f1 driver that ever lived". Statistically, yes. In reality? Probably not.

    Schumacher won a lot of races, yes. He won a lot of championships, yes. But it must be asked - how much of that success was down to the driver, and how much was down to the car? Did Schumacher ever really have to struggle in an uncompetitive car? He didn't, really. He also never really had to fight his teammate, particularly when he went to Ferrari; he built the team around himself and never allowed that challenge.

    I think Schumacher also does damage to his own reputation when he does stupid things, like pushing Barrichello against the wall in Hungary last year, or that stupid never-going-to-happen move on Petrov in Turkey. He hasn't been as fast as he should have been. Rosberg has been comprehensively beating him. The whole comeback thing is starting to blow up in his face and I'm sure Mercedes have their eye on the promising young di Resta, wanting to snap him up before anyone else does.

    The man is an extremely good racer. Is he the greatest of all time? No. Who is? I cannot say. You cannot compare drivers from different eras against each other. But if you must make me choose, I will say Sir Jack Brabham. He was the first world champion to build his own cars and win a championship in them. You can't beat that.

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    Couple of opinions:

    1, Schumacher was the greatest driver that most of the people who come on Y!A ever saw drive in a live GP. They then incorrectly extrapolate that to "greatest ever" because they never saw Prost, Senna, Lauda, Clark, Stewart, Fangio, Fittipaldi, Ascari, Brabham or Moss in the flesh.

    2, Schumacher was a self-confessed cheat, who knowingly put other drivers at risk in order to intimidate them. Senna and Hamilton also showed such contempt for their contemporaries, but that shouldn't be used as an excuse for Schumacher. Even if he was better than any of the drivers named above, he still wouldn't deserve to be called "greatest ever", as he did so much damage to the sport through his on-track actions.

    3, I do like Schumacher the private person, he's nice, friendly, fun-loving and energetic, and he's raised fortunes for charity. THAT Schumacher I do respect.

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    Its not that people dont respect him, people do. The problem however that everyone has witnessed is that he is not performing at that same level as he used to before he retired. Its also because now, Schumacher has become too old for the sport. We see far better drivers, who are young and can easily adjust to the rapidly changing technology that is involved in Formula One. It isnt that he isnt a good racer anymore, he is still very good. We just now observe drivers, who can adjust faster to the technology and so they are better.

    Viewers of the sport also question the fact that why has Schumacher come back. Its always better to retire when your at your peak and where the level of respect you get from your fans and everyone around you is at its highest. Schumacher came back with the hope of being able to win another world title. As we have seen these 2 years that he's been out of retirement it hasn't been working out that well for him.

    Also during Schumacher's reign, the Formula One cars, their design, their aerodynamic structure and also their driver dependence was completely different to what it is now. During his reign driver skill was crucial and what was the judging point of who was a possible world champion. However, we now have witnessed with the advancement of technology in Formula One, there is now a great deal of dependence on car reliability and the technologies adopted by a team, that the driver with the better car, with fully functioning technology has the upper hand. More than a driver who drives solely on pure skill and raw power. Which means that since Schumacher has missed the initial stages of this development it has taken him a bit of getting used to, something you would expect a 7 time world champion as himself to figure out quickly.

    This is why people have started to question Schumacher, they haven't lost respect for him. Just that they are questioning his decision of returning to a sport in which he WAS a King, but now we see that the spotlight is now on a his fellow German companion, Sebastian Vettel.

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    Michael Schumacher is one of the greats and shouldn t have his name used like you said but I just want to point out nobody is better than Ayrton Senna

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    Statistical and very lucky but not a natural.

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