can somebody tell what a steam code is?

i want to know what a steam code is and if you need it to play a game?

portal 2 has a steam code and i am buying it second hand but i don't know if i should buy one with a steam code or not

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  • 9 years ago
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    A Steam code is a code used to sync a game to a Steam account.

    Steam is a free service which is hard to explain. Essentially it is one stop shop for a lot of games at hefty discounts. And, it is a gamer social media site as well.

    For example, here is my profile.


    I bought Portal 2 on disc and synced it to Steam using that code, now I can chat while in game, and

    upload screenshots, keep track of achievements. Also, it easily sets you up for any multiplayer.

    It is well worth it. Here is the site:

    Just click on Install Steam and your on your way. (PS: Once installed there should be a hyper link in your Library that says "Add Game". Click it a the click "Activate Product")

    Good Luck and have fun in Co-op

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