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Do you think this involves enticement, kidnapping, and murder?

I answered an ad on craigslist for a "senior" woman who needs help sorting papers from the beginning of her marriage for a court case on this Monday. She wants to pay me $10 an hour for 12 hour days to finish by Friday. I checked her address and it is on a dead end street in the country bordered by a reservoir and woods. She told me that others were also coming to help. She told me about a woman from my area looking to carpool and had CC'd her e-mail address when she e-mailed me. I tried the e-mail, but my message bounced back. I then e-mailed the old lady and she made no explanation but gave me a phone number.

My wife and I have already decided that something sounds fishy. The woman still doesn't think I suspect. Should I contact the FBI in my state? The address is probably real. I'm wondering if the e-mail for that other person is now an e-mail of a "missing person.!" What do YOU think I should do?

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    I guess it can't hurt to contact the authorities, have you tried calling the number?

    I would call and see how the person sounds on the phone - you can judge a person more by their voice, rather than their typing manner etc.

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