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Why did Kathy Lee Gifford announce she was Catholic, and why did Jimmy Fallon look dismayed?

Why is it so surprising that an American is Catholic when most of the US is Christian? What a curious moment on Fallon.

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    Kathie Lee always said she was a born-again Christian. So what if she's Catholic? She went to Oral Roberts University - that's not catholic.

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    4 years ago

    Kathie Lee Gifford Religion

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    10 years ago

    Last nite...I missed that..

    I think Kathy Lee is from Virginia..

    I did watch Jimmy Fallon last nite..Kathy Lee was just crazy..

    ..chances are Frank Gifford is catholic..

    I think that the last episode with Frank Gifford was terrible for Kathy Lee--

    But she really is happy about being married to him..

    I would guess about that..

    Being catholic..has so may vows to consider--

    I think that age..soon kills off the vow-factor..

    Kathy Lee must be realizing that age--changes alot of things.

    Source(s): I watch Khoda and Kathy Lee every morning at 10-AM I grew up watching Frank Gifford.. I'm catholic..mostly..just Christian in my old age.. Time Heals All
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    10 years ago

    Actually, Fallon himself was raised Irish Catholic and attended Catholic school. I'm not sure why he would seem dismayed.

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    didn't see it.... sure there would have to have been some context for which it was spoken not just blurted out randomly?!

    as for his surprise.... no clue since it's the largest christian denomination!

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