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Charter Engineer 一問

I know there are many councils that can help u to become Ceng. My questions are as follows:

1: Is "CEng MCIBSE" equal to "CEng MSOE"?

2: For BSE graduate, joining which councils is easy to become CEng?

3: CEng is a must for register for "RPE" ?

Thank you!

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    CEng is charter engineer registered with Engineering Council in UK. There are many discipline network such as:

    Electrical and electronics - MIET

    Mechanical - MIMECH

    Chemical - MICHEM

    Building services - MCIBSE

    Society of Operations Engineers - MSOE etc.

    However in Hong Kong, MHKIE (member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) is more recognizable. MHKIE is equivalent to CEng. Once you have MHKIE for couple of years, you can register at RPE (Registered Professional Engineer).

    1. CEng MCIBSE is not equal to CEng MSOE, they are in different discipline, but the status CEng is the same

    2. BSE graduate should join the MCIBSE network to become CEng MCIBSE, or you can join HKIE as a graduate member, and lead to MHKIE

    3. You can only register for RPE if you have MHKIE. However CEng MCIBSE can register to MHKIE, and then register for RPE.

    For detail, please visit

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