What is some scary catchy music?

So i love kinda creepy weird songs like 'sluts get guts’ by blood on the dance floor, and songs like the munsters theme song , or you know those kinds of catchy creepy toons ? xxx Scary music? but catchy ^_^

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  • 9 years ago
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  • 3 years ago

    ok, so i'll commence with the help of asserting that i extraordinarily a lot despise each band you reported up there (on the two sides of the equation), yet there are a number of metallic bands that are a lot extra melodic. What you indexed have been all the two classic demise or black metallic. the main "traumatic" (speed based, atonal/chromatic riffs that don't sound traditionally friendly) even if there are a number of distinctive sub-genres to the metallic branch of song. imaginitive metallic can contain the variety of super form of musical sounds which you will forget you're even listening to metallic at circumstances. and additionally, basically simply by fact there's a man or woman screaming in the music does no longer mean that what the guitars and different units are doing are thoroughly trash. that's what bugs me the main is while human beings write off metallic basically simply by vocals. There are different aspects too, ya comprehend.

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  • kro
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    9 years ago

    Vampires - Godsmack

    Jeepers Creepers - not sure which version i the one I'm thinking of :P

    Adams Family Theme song

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